House Clearance in Blackpool

Lancashire House Clearance

Been called in to clear a flat in Blackpool for 8th December 2017.

Keep an eye on our feeds for any items for sale as you never know what you`ll find at a clearance job.

Ninety Nine percent of our house clearance items go into Chorley Auction House for their weekly sale of antique, collectable and general items.

You can get full details of the auctions at the Chorley Auction House website HERE

As I write I can hear the wind and rain and I believe tomorrow is NOT a good day to visit Blackpool. However Lancashire House Clearance are like the Pony Express and we will get through no matter what … well if Im being honest we are more like the Donkey Express and its stubbornness that keeps us going no matter how bad the weather.

Did you ever have one of those days where you feel you achieved something ?

Me neither 🙂

Joke of the day :

What do Donald Trump’s presidency and your advent calendar have in common?

Both their days are numbered.


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