House Clearance in Blackpool

We Do House Clearances in Blackpool and The Fylde including Fleetwood and The Wyre

House Clearance on The Fylde

Short Notice House Clearance Poulton Le FyldeFrom our base in Poulton Le Fylde we do House Clearance in Blackpool and all across the Fylde Coast.

Lancashire House Clearance are Licensed Waste Carriers and are fully insured to carry out property clearances. 

Lancashire House Clearance do things a little differently from most of our competitors. A House Clearance is a charged service.  The majority of our competitors will simply price by the amount of stuff to clear. In addition, they will usually quote without VAT added on.

7 Days A Week House ClearancesHowever, when we do an estimate, we will show the VAT  for private individuals. Therefore there will be no hidden surprises on our invoice. 

There are people out there offering “Free House Clearance Blackpool ” ( Subject to conditions) . Make no mistake, there is no such thing as a “Free House Clearance Service”. 

Bereavement House Clearances.

We have done bereavement house clearances in Blackpool where we have paid the customer. This is because the value of the contents was greater than the cost.

On face value, it looked like it was better than a free clearance but in truth we were paid in full by the sale of the contents,

Using an unlicensed operator could leave you open to prosecution so please be careful.

7 Days Service.

Best House Clearance Service

Lancashire Clearance Services Ltd operate 7 Days a Week.

Customers can call us up to 9 pm every night with your questions or House Clearance Enquiries.

Feel free to call us and book a free visit and quote for your house clearances in Blackpool.

Online and Phone Quotes:-

House Clearance In BlackpoolAny phone quotes we give for House Clearances will not be binding on either party for a house clearance in Blackpool and surrounding areas.

Email quotes are the same, even with pictures, it’s difficult to see the volume and condition of the stuff to be cleared.

When we quote for any house clearances in Blackpool we look at the contents of the property and try to get the contents to pay as much of the cost as possible.

This is the fairest way of doing any property clearance.

We no longer allow any value for dining tables and Chairs, beds, sofas or wardrobes. 

The majority of value lies in the volume of smaller items in the property.

In conclusion, having more stuff in the property ( especially small stuff ) can mean less cost.


Persistant Organic Pollutants (POPs)

You may or may not be aware of new Environment Agency rules regarding upholstered furniture and electrical items.

Recycling waste containing POPs

You must not recycle or reuse any waste that contains POPs. The POPs must be destroyed.

To check if electrical and electronic equipment and upholstered domestic seating is waste, read the guidance:

reusing waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) and components removed from WEEE
reusing upholstered domestic seating containing POPs.

Recovering waste containing POPs

You can recover waste containing POPs where the recovery process destroys the POP. For example, incineration with energy recovery.

An operator can treat the waste to remove or separate materials that contain POPs from those that do not. They must destroy the POPs in the materials that contain them. They can recycle or recover the separated materials that do not contain POPs.

Reusing waste containing POPs

You must not reuse waste containing POPs. The POPs must be destroyed.

This means you cannot:

turn the waste into a product for reuse
remove materials or components containing POPs for reuse
You can remove materials or components that do not contain POPs for reuse.

To check if you can reuse electrical and electronic equipment and upholstered domestic seating, read the guidance:

reusing WEEE and components removed from WEEE
reusing waste upholstered domestic seating containing POPs

Many items in a home contain POPs. These pollutants must be dealt with correctly.

When considering a house clearance in Blackpool, you need to be aware of possible extra charges for some items