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house clearance poultonHouse Clearances form the biggest part of our business by far.

The majority of house clearance enquiries come from bereaved relatives. When you lose a family member, clearing their home is not the easiest of tasks.

After that comes relatives having to go into residential care homes or going to live with family.

Clear This can help make it a bit better for you with advice and a personal service from our small friendly House Clearance team. Whether its a House Clearance in Preston or a Property Clearance in Burnley we can get the job done.

There are many reasons for needing to clear a property from end of tenancy where tenants have left stuff for you to dispose of

Bereavement House Clearance

Bereaved Man Bereavement House Clearances in LancashireBereavement House Clearances are always sad as this is the time that a life is packed away for the final time.

It can be very emotional for you to see everything being taken away. Many bereavement clearance customers prefer not to be there at all.

To help make this easier, you don’t have to be there.

Our team will get on with the job and we will return the keys once we have finished.

We only require payment once your bereavement house clearance is completed to your satisfaction and we’ll email you pictures to show the completed job. Invoices can also be sent directly to your solicitor or executor.

Read our bereavement clearance page here

House Clearance Prices

Short notice house clearancesMany enquiries start by asking how much house clearances cost.

The cost is mainly based on the amount of stuff to clear. On a basic level, more stuff = more cost BUT that’s not the whole story.

With more stuff, there is a chance of more value in the contents. When we quote by the amount of stuff, this just gives us our maximum cost.

The contents of the property are then looked at for any possible re-sale or recycling value.

Any value is then deducted from the cost of the clearance, this means your bill will be lowered.

At this point we would point out that the vast majority of value is generally in the smaller items in a property and not so much in the furniture. As we find value the cost to you can only go down. We will guarantee you will pay less than our house clearance estimate.

Take a look at our house clearance prices page here

Help For Hoarders House Clearance

Hoarders Rubbish ClearanceHoarding is a recognised disorder and it can be a problem for many reasons.

A person’s life can be taken over, making it very difficult for them to get around their home.

It can cause their health, personal hygiene and relationships to suffer.

Lancashire House Clearance have a female team who are experienced in helping hoarders to de-clutter.

Michelle and Jennie will do the job in bite size portions and never rush.

They have been called in by Lancashire County Council Social Services on many occasions to assist with these hoarders house clearance jobs.

More info on our hoarders house clearances page

Rubbish Removal Services

Junk ClearancesOur rubbish removal service is perfect for you to get rid of anything. We do old mattress disposal, old furniture disposal, Fridges and Freezers , Garden waste and just about anything else we can legally take. Old furniture can be difficult due to the size and weight but don’t worry, we can deal with it for you.

You will get a fast reliable service from a licensed, insured local company who take pride in doing things the right way.

There are a lot of regulations regarding waste disposal.

The latest of these is POP’s. Persistent Organic Pollutants are found in most upholstered furniture and electrical items.

Where the POPs containing waste is not re-useable, we now have to process this separately and prevent cross contamination of waste streams.

recycling rubbish removalsThe disposal of POPs is significantly more expensive than general junk.

Because of this we now have to add an extra charge for any upholstered items and electricals. This only applies where the items cannot be re-used in our opinion.

These POPs are sorted at our unit and taken for processing separately from the rest of the stuff from a rubbish removal job.

Absolutely nothing is taken to landfill by us. Lancashire House Clearance only use special materials recovery facilities.

This is where everything is sorted and broken down into its different materials. The different materials are then processed and go to re-manufacture of new items.

House Clearance and Rubbish Removals always done the right way for you and the planet.


Property Clearance and Junk Removal Services.

We are registered waste carriers, fully insured.

Clear This Ltd. trading as Lancashire House Clearance take zero to landfill and dispose of everything the right way for you and the planet. Clear This Junk is our rubbish removal service. Message Us on Mastadon


With over 30 years experience in the house clearance business we are proud of our customer satisfaction record.


Message us or call us. Even if its just for some advice, we have over 30 years experience with House Clearance and Rubbish Removals


Recycling is at the heart of our business. Nothing is taken to landfill. Everything we clear is re-used or processed at a material recovery station

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