Lancashire House Clearance

About Us

house clearance service areaA Fairer House Clearance Company.

Lancashire House Clearance are a family company serving Lancashire, Merseyside, Greater Manchester and Cheshire from of our bases in Chorley, Blackpool and Bolton Lancashire.

By keeping our service area in the North West we are able to keep house clearance costs down and provide a more personal House Clearance service to our clients.

Our locations are perfect and with bases in Chorley, Blackpool and Bolton we can do house clearances in Manchester and the majority of Greater Manchester area, House Clearance in Liverpool , Southport, Cheshire and a large part of Merseyside.

House Clearance and Rubbish Removal services are provided in Lancashire and the different unitary authorities within the boundaries.

Whether it’s a small flat clearance , a garage clearance or even an office clearance, Lancashire House Clearance have the fairest approach.

house clearance junk removalWhen our team quote for any house clearances we look at the amount of stuff to clear initially.

The types of stuff to be disposed of are also noted as some items such as old refrigerators, mattresses and electrical equipment have additional costs per item to dispose of.

An initial price is then worked out which will be the maximum the house clearance, office clearance or junk clearance will cost.

From there we look at anything in the home clearance that could have some resale value to us.

A cash value is given to as much as we can. This value in the items in the clearance is then taken off the cost of the property clearance.

There have been many occasions where we have paid to clear a property when the value of the contents is greater than the cost of the house clearance.

Rubbish Removal / Junk Clearance

Rubbish Removal and Hoarders Clearance SpecialistsA comprehensive rubbish Removal / junk removal service is provided throughout our service area.   Whether it’s a hoarders house clearance or fly tipped junk on your property we can sort it for you.

We serve landlords, agents, solicitors and local authorities. We are licensed waste carriers so you can be sure we will dispose of your waste legally.

Our recycling policy means that we take absolutely nothing to landfill. We take all waste to a treatment and sorting facility where materials are sorted and separated.

These raw materials are then recycled and re-used in other manufacturing processes.

There will be a degree of non-recyclable material but this will be disposed of in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

Always check that whoever you choose to clear your junk is licensed to do it.  If the waste is subsequently fly tipped , you could be held responsible.

We always show you our waste carriers credentials . This can be checked on the environment agency website too where there is a public register.

Make sure your waste removal company is an upper tier registered carrier and not just some man with a van.