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Welcome to Lancashire House Clearance .

Lancashire House ClearanceWe are a small independent family run business based in Chorley, Lancashire.

We provide full and part property clearance services from the Fylde Coast to Greater Manchester and East Lancashire to Merseyside.

We NEVER ask for any payment up front. We advise in the strongest possible way to AVOID any clearance company that requests any payment in advance.

Most clearance companies will just charge you according to the amount of stuff there is to clear. We do things differently and in a fairer way.

Here is an example of how we work but bear in mind that the examples given below are just to give you an idea of how we work. Its only possible to give an accurate quote once we have seen the job.

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We work out the cost of your property clearance according to the amount of stuff to clear.

We then look at anything we can see value in. (Items we can sell on or recycle for payment)

We then reduce the cost to you.

If the price of your clearance is £500.00 and the value of items to us is £500.00 we will not charge for the clearance.

If the value of items is £300.00 then we would charge you £200.00

If the value of items is £700.00 we would pay you £200.00

We believe in being fair with our customers, the price we quote is the price you pay as long as there are no hidden surprises such as asbestos and hazardous waste that only come to light once the job has started. We will advise if this happens. It has not happened yet as we are as thorough as possible when giving quotes.

This is why it is best to ask us to come and have a look rather than try get a telephone quote. Only quotes obtained after a visit will be honoured. Telephone Quotes are only provisional and at best are only a guess based on the information you give us.

House Clearance for you.

Each of our customers have different requirements. We will carry out the work to your exact instruction. One size does not fit all in the property clearance business and we will go the extra mile to ensure your clearance goes exactly as you would wish.

Call us today on  07833 448272 and we will call you back  or message us HERE.

Remote or Absent Customers

house clearance room doneMany of our customers don`t want to see the property being emptied (in the case of bereavements) for the last time . This is not a problem and we will either deal with any agent or arrange to have the keys collected from you anywhere in the united kingdom.

Our staff take photographs of before and after the clearance, Personal items we come across will be sent on to you if you require them. Examples of items we have returned to families who have missed them include medals, wills, cash, jewellery and photographs.

Once the job is completed we will either invoice you for payment or pay you what we owe you. This depends upon the value of the contents of the property.

If we invoice you payment will be due within 28 days. If we owe you money, we will pay you by bank transfer within 24 hours of the clearance being completed.

Lancashire House Clearance cover all of Lancashire, Merseyside and Greater Manchester.  Work is carried out for Solicitors in the case of Probate Clearances and Valuations, Estate Agents and Landlords where an end of tenancy clearance is required and members of the public in cases where a relative has passed away or had to go into residential care.

Unsure what a House Clearance is?

House clearance – Wikipedia

House clearances are a form of service which can be a part or an entire house. Many people use a home clearance service because they may need a lot of items removing or looking to clear garages, lofts, sheds and basements.

What is a house clearance?

A clearance is the process of removing all of the household items from a property.

Some clearances can take more than a day if there is a large amount of household furniture and effects, sometimes when the occupant has been suffering from OCD or compulsive hoarding syndrome.

Costs involved

House Clearance no job too big or too smallWhen a house is cleared there are many costs associated with the job and vary depending on the items cleared. Many councils across the UK operate a strict policy which must be adhered to.[1] Example items. These have to be cleared in a safe way.

A standard house of 3 to 4 bedrooms with an average amount of household furniture and effects can cost anywhere between £650 and £1,500 on average but can vary considerably based upon various factors such as, parking difficulty, high rise flats with only stair access, and high volume content within the property.[2]

There may be a garden clearance involved and this could incur additional charges.

Garages can sometimes have large quantities of toxic material such as paint and garden pesticides which could also incur additional charges.

The loft area can sometimes have large amounts of clutter and the property clearing company will have to take this into consideration when working out a quotation. (wikipedia)

We take into account any value in any items in the property. We effectively buy these items from you and only charge to dispose of what we cant sell.


The Directgov advises that these items are put into your car and taken to your local waste management centre; also known as a ‘tip’ or ‘dump’. Due to recent changes made at recycling centres nationwide there is now a charge for the disposal of plasterboard and mattresses, and these items have to be separated from the general waste. This extra charge has therefore been passed on to the client or person having a property cleared


It is important that companies who operate a clearance service be registered waste carriers with the Environment Agency. The home owner can obtain this license by asking the business who is quoting for the job to produce one, or you can check the validity of the licence on the Environment Agency website.

In the news

One such item was a 1908 Olympic programme found during a house clearance in Surrey by a local company, and made the BBC news.[4] Examples of unusual house clearances where there are a large amount of furniture and belongings to be removed are filmed on many TV channels and can be regularly seen. One such example is Buried Alive.


Source Wikipedia

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