Free House Clearances The Real Facts

Free House Clearances ?

You may have seen companies like ours, advertising to clear your house for free.

This is misleading as there is no such thing as a FREE HOUSE CLEARANCE.

What they mean is, they will look at the contents of any house clearances and work out if there is any value in the goods that they can offset against the real cost.

Even if you do the clearance yourself it will not be free in terms of time and effort, especially if you have to take time off work to take care of the house clearance !

How To Get Maximum Value for House Clearance Contents.

Fair and Transparant house clearance pricingAssuming you have the time, we would recommend you sell as much as possible privately through Ebay, Facebook Market Place, Gumtree or via car boot sales etc. 

This will get you your best prices. If you just want a quick sale of as much as possible at once then you can call any number of used goods buyers including us. Companies and buyers like us will not pay you as much as a private buyer but can save you a lot of time trying to sell everything individually.

Large Bulky House Clearance Junk.

Most local authorities offer a bulky item collection service. There is a charge and it is usually only for a few items. In Chorley it is 5 items.

If you have more than 5 items it may be worth applying for a permit to go to your local household waste recycling center in a van. Hire a van for around £65.00 and take it to the tip yourself.

Only 1 trip per month is permitted so break down some large items if possible to make best use of the space in the van.

As a house clearance business we cannot go on to the normal household waste centers, we have to go to commercial waste recycling facilities.

You could choose to hire a skip but that would still require a lot of work on your part to get the stuff out of the house and into the skip. Skip hire prices are not much different to house clearance prices. The main selling point of using a house clearance company is, all the work is done for you.

If you choose a house clearance company that allows a reduction for any items of value, you could save time & money.

Contact us for a FREE No Obligation Quote & Remember the golden rule, ALWAYS get at least 3 quotes.

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Rubbish Removal in Formby Liverpool

Responsible Rubbish Removals Services

We received a call to give a quote for a rubbish removal in Formby.

The customer asked lots of questions and wanted to be sure he was hiring a licensed rubbish removals service.

More people are taking waste disposal very seriously and doing their checks.

This customer is a responsible householder who cares about the environment like we do.

Large Rubbish Removal Van

What We Do With Rubbish Clearances

House Clearances and Rubbish Removal for you

Lancashire Clearance Services Ltd take nothing to landfill sites.

Specialist recycling facilities are used where we drop off everything from a junk clearance.

Once we have dropped it off, the recycling begins. Our preferred recyclers are J. Dickinson and Sons at Horwich near Bolton.

They have a large recycling facility where everything from our rubbish removals is sorted and separated into different recyclable raw materials.

There will be a small percentage of non recyclable which will be disposed of in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

How Much Is A Junk Clearance

We do charge a £35.00 call out fee for all junk removals. This will be added to your invoice.

Pricing of Rubbish Removals and Junk Clearances is primarily based on the amount of stuff to clear. Some items incur extra costs because of the different disposal procedures involved.

Our Current Removal and Disposal Charges for these items is as below and are per item or unit.

Under Counter Fridges /  Freezers £30.00 , Tall Fridges £45.00, American Fridge Freezers £95.00 

Single Mattress £10.00 , Three Quarter (4ft) £12.50 . Double £15.00 , King Size £20.00, Super Kingsize £30.00

CRT Televisions and Monitors £20.00.

Free visits and quotes are always available. We do not charge any call out fee to quote and you are guaranteed an accurate price with no hidden surprises,

Send us a message 


A Hoarders House Clearance

Imagine Living on Takeaway Meals & Never Thowing The Packaging Out.

Hoarded House Clearance.

Lancashire House Clearance have been called in by a landlord to clear a house in Lancashire.

When we visited to price the job, there was no hint at what lay withing the walls of the house.

From the exterior it was a normal terraced property, nothing exceptional or any hint that this was going to be particularly bad.

Upon opening the door it became apparent that something was not quite right.

The first room we saw was the living room.

On the very right of the picture you can see the arm of an armchair poking through the rubbish and towards the top is the 3 seater settee.

We suspect another armchair is hidden beneath this lot somewhere.

The Kitchen

As we approached the kitchen, the smell of the rubbish was much stronger.

Once again the rubbish was piled up several feet.

Food waste, coffee jars ( literally hundreds of them) and in amongst all this are the usual  items.

Cooker, Kettle, Toaster, Microwave, Refrigerator and of course a kitchen sink.

The person who lived like this obviously had some problems.

It saddened us to think that someone lived in this day to day.

A lonely person who had chosen to shut themselves off from the workd outside.

Not even venturing out to the bins, speaking to neighbours or asking for help.

The Bedroom

This is the least cluttered room in the house.

In addition to clearing the property we have been asked to look for personal paperwork, valuables and any legal documents.

Due to searching for these items and the state of the property we have allowed a couple of days to clear this .

The Extra Mile

The landlord has not seen the property, nor any pictures of it. He has only had it described to him.

He asked us clear everything and also asked if we could remove the kitchen and bathroom too. Not something we normally do but in this case, we agreed.

Following this hoarded house clearance we have decided to offer more rubbish removal services including the ripping out and disposal of kitchens and bathrooms.

We believe this will be a great service for other landlords.

After the Hoarders House Clearance

The living room was not only full of all the rubbish you see in the picture above, it also had all the usual furniture and electrical items you would expect in any property.

Three Piece Suite, Coffee Table, Wall Unit, Tv, Stereo System and more.

Of course there was vermin and cockroach infestation too as was only to be expected in these sad circumstances.

Now we have a blank canvas for the landlord to begin again.

hoarded house clearance empty

The kitchen was the worst area in this hoarders house clearance.

Most of the rubbish was food packaging and coffee jars. Rats had obviously had a perfect environment to thrive.

When we got the rubbish out and saw a refrigerator in the corner we new from past experience to tape it shut and not to open the door at all !

We have made that mistake before.

The appliances and all the kitchen units and sink were removed as per our customers instructions.

So there you have it, Lancashire House Clearance can and will tackle any job no matter how bad and smelly it gets. All we want to do is provide good services to our customers at fair prices.

If you require rubbish removal services or just a regular house clearance call us on 07833 448272 or visit our contact page and send us a message.

House Clearance Items Wanted for Cash

We Buy Stuff

Lancashire House Clearance can buy complete house contents.

Here is a sample of what we buy.

  • Gold, Silver, Platinum by the gram
  • Mid Century Furniture
  • Collectables, Antiques
  • Ornaments and Quirky Items.
  • Good Clean Appliances
  • Power Tools
  • Garden Ornaments
  • Garden Benches
  • TV`s

Please be aware apart from Gold etc, you will get more selling your house hold items privately.

We Don't Buy....

  • Sofa  Beds
  • Wardrobes
  • Wall Units (unless they are G-Plan etc)
  • Dining Tables and Chairs
  • Old CRT TV’s
  • Chest Freezers
  • Older Appliances
  • Gardening tools except as part of a job lot
  • Plastic Garden Furniture
  • Gas Appliances.

The best way to get our attention is to email some pictures to us.

Sell my stuff

Two House Clearances Today


House Clearance in Chorley

A partial House Clearance in Chorley, Lancashire brought us a lovely G-Plan 7ft Sideboard.

Other items include a set of pine drawers, a nice vintage ottoman and a dining table.

Everything was dropped off at Chorley Auction House to be booked in for Mondays coming sale.

The catalogue will be live online on Friday afternoon.

Live online bidding is available from 11 am every Monday at Easy Live Auction .

Have a look and give it a go.

Office Clearance Service

Our Office Clearance Service is fast and flexible, just like our house clearance services.

Sadly we have no outlet for normal office furniture and do not reduce the cost for office furniture removal.

We may reduce costs for reception furniture , and office chairs . Desks, Filing Cabinets etc have very little or no value to us.

We do try to give this sort of stuff away to local charities whenever possible.

House Clearance Service

House Clearance Services

House Clearance Services is what we do best.

There is no simple formula to make one method of clearing a property fit everyones needs.

All our house clearance customers are different. The circumstances are different and we tailor our house clearance services to fit.


Lancashire House Clearance Services

Lancashire House Clearance Questions Answered ?

  • Do you quote over the phone for house clearances?
  • What if I work and can only get to the property in the evening?
  • Why do you visit the property to quote?
  • How long is a house clearance quotation valid for ?
  • Are Lancashire House Clearance Ltd licensed by The Environment Agency to carry waste from my property clearance or junk clearance?
  • Do Lancashire House Clearance require any form of up front payment when I book a clearance with them ?
  • Do you accept card payment, Bank Transfer, Cheques & Cash  as payment for your services ?
  • I have more questions or need some impartial advice. Can you help with this ?

Lancashire House Clearance Ltd will always visit to quote.

We will quote out of hours to help customers who work too.

This ensures an accurate price with no nasty surprises.

We work out the cost of the clearance and guarantee that price for 28 days.

This gives you chance to get more quotes for your property clearance job.

If you choose Lancashire House Clearance Ltd, you are in safe hands.

We are Licensed Waste Carriers number CBDU247035 which can be verified by clicking on the number.

No upfront payments required. Not even a deposit. We strongly advise you to avoid anyone asking for advance cash.

A range of payment options are provided for customer convenience. We accept Card payments, Bank Transfer, Paypal and Cash. We no longer accept personal cheques.

One sign of a rogue operator is insistence on cash payment.

Any more questions just ask on the green button below.

Old Furniture Clearance

Old Furniture Disposal

Old Furniture Clearance Services provided in Chorley, Preston , Wigan , Bolton and Blackburn areas.

Lancashire House Clearance Ltd are licensed waste carriers and will safely dispose of your old furniture lagally and responsibly.

Before you call us, it may be an idea to call or contact your local authority to see if they provide a large item disposal service.

Chorley Borough Council provide a large item removal service for up to 5 items.

I know they can do it a lot cheaper than we can so it may be better if you contact your local council first.

house clearance services

What does it cost ?

Unfortunately getting rid of old furniture is not cheap, If it is re-useable , try to give it away on Facebook or Gumtree (even try and get some money for it )

For junk furniture and appliance removals we charge a £35.00 call out fee then its £35.00 per item , we class a 3 piece suite as an item.

Fridges ( under counter) £30.00 each, Large Fridges / Freezers £50.00 each, American Fridge Freezers £90.00 each.

Mattresses £10.00 each, CRT Television disposal £15 per unit

We suggest getting a permit and hiring a van if you have a lot of stuff to dispose of , you will be able to go to your local household waste recycling center. The permits are available from your local authority and are free.

You can hire a van for about £50.00. All you have to do is load it then unload it at the household waste recycling center into the appropriate skips.

If there is a large amount of junk to clear then we may waive our call out charge. We will advise you on this when we quote you.

Garage Clearance Junk Clearance

Has your garage become a dumping ground ?

Is it cluttered with stuff you have not used for years?

Reclaim the space by getting a junk clearance today.

Lancashire House Clearance Ltd will remove any junk from your gaage, shed or anywhere else.

Use the green button below to book your Garage Clearance / Junk Clearance today.

Garage Clearance House Clearance lytham st annes

Where  you see junk , we see money. Therefore we will reduce the cost of your garade / junk clearance for anything of any value.

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