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Lancashire House Clearance Featured Info ImageHouse Clearance  Blackburn With Darwen can be emotionally draining. Lancashire House Clearance have years of experience. Helping families clear the property of a deceased loved one is what we do,  therefore you can expect the best service possible.

The team are always helpful and respectful of the circumstances.

Sometimes our customers are downsizing or going into residential care.

Property developers require void clearances and business properties need emptying.

Our pricing takes into account any value in the contents of the property. We use any value to reduce the cost to the estate. And so this means you will pay less.

Free House Clearance Quotes

House Clearance Safe TraderQuotes are always free. When we visit to quote, an accurate cost can be worked out, this means no surprises for you or us. Like other house clearance companies, we price up jobs by volume.

This means the amount of stuff to clear will give us the maximum possible cost.

When this cost is worked out, we look at any items that have a surcharge attached.

The most common are, Sprung Mattresses, Fridges, Freezers, Old CRT Monitors. and Tv’s. Any of these items could represent an extra charge and would therefore be added to the cost.

The charge is due to the way these items are recycled.

Surcharges are not added at the beginning because they may not apply.

For example:-  An old Fridge will a surcharge.  Its different when it’s working and cosmetically good. The fridge will have a value. Therefore we’d allow a value for it off the cost of the clearance.

More Stuff Can Mean Less To Pay.

Any House Clearance Big or SmallThe majority of the value in any property is not in the furniture but in smaller items, especially jewellery and collectables. This means we can allow more money off the cost of your clearance.

Lancashire House Clearance have done jobs where we have paid the customers. This is because the value of the goods outweighed the cost of the clearance. So we paid the difference to the customer.

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Blackburn with Darwen is only a short distance from our HQ in Chorley. We can be anywhere to do a Free House Clearance Quote.

Lancashire Clearance Services Ltd always advise customers to get at least 3 quotes. Furthermore, never entertain any company wanting money up front for any house clearance or junk removal in Blackburn. Get a quote from licensed companies. You will find our price very competitive.

Cheaper Disposal of Bulky Items

Lancashire House Clearance believe in giving our customers all the possible options to keep down costs for your house clearance in Blackburn.

Did you know, if we have to clear any mattresses we need to charge £25.00 each for them. Fridges £50 each and CRT (Old Tube Televisions and Monitors) £15 each.  This means, when you are doing a house clearance in Blackburn a fridge and 2 mattresses is £100.00.

This is why we tell you about Blackburn with Darwen council bulky item scheme.

Your local authority will remove and dispose of these items far cheaper than we can, therefore saving you money.

house clearance blackburnBlackburn council use a points system which is far too complicated for us to repeat. Please visit the Bulky Waste Charges Section of Blackburn Council’s website HERE . Hopefully this will help save you a few pounds.

If they cant fit you in and you need the job done quickly, feel free to contact Lancashire House Clearance. This will help you stick to any deadlines.

Our number is 07833 447272 or message us on our contact form below.

We can often do rubbish removal jobs on the same day.

And so if you need a rubbish removal urgently please call us, and we will do our best to help with a fast solution.


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