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Short Notice House Clearance

Need an expert Company for your Short Notice House Clearance? You are more than welcomed to invite Lancashire House Clearance to come and quote. On average we are 30% cheaper than our licensed competitors.

IT’S Not Just Houses

We don’t just offer short notice clearances for houses, we do offices, commercial premises and junk / Rubbish removals too via Clear This Junk

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Offices & Business too

Many jobs we do come from local authorities, solicitors and property developers. They trust us to price the job fairly and deliver on time every time.

Office and Commercial

Quick House Clearance.

There are many reasons you could require a quick house clearance with very little notice.

The most common is the fast sale of a property. In these cases we can react quickly to your initial enquiry and give you a provisional quote based on information you give us.

Our preference is to visit and quote, this ensures an accurate quote for your property clearance with no nasty surprises for either of us.

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Any House Clearance Big or Small

Short Notice House Clearances

Office clearances, storage unit clearance, shed clearance, garage clearance. Any property cleared in our service areas of Lancashire and Greater Manchester mainly but we do serve all areas visible on the map below,

Pricing a job is always easier and more accurate, email and phone quotes are at best a guess based on what you tell us, however we need to see it to be accurate.