Lancashire House Clearance Provide an Office Clearance Service that can help you with your office clearance needs.

We cover all of Lancashire and Greater Manchester Including

  • Accrington
  • Bamber Bridge
  • Chorley
  • Fleetwood
  • Leyland
  • Nelson
  • Ormskirk
  • Rawtenstall
  • Rossendale
  • Skelmersdale
  • Thornton-Cleveleys
  • Whalley
  • Lancashire House Clearance is a reputable company that offers a variety of office clearance services. They can help you with everything from small office clear outs to large-scale commercial clearances. Their team is experienced in dealing with all types of office furniture and equipment, and they will take care to dispose of any waste in an environmentally friendly way.

Office Clearance Lancashire House Clearance

Office Clearance Service

When choosing an office clearance service, it is important to consider the size of your office, the type of items you need to clear, and your budget. It is also important to choose a company that is reputable and insured. By doing your research, you can find an office clearance service that will meet your needs and provide you with a satisfactory service.

Here are some additional tips for choosing an office clearance service:

  • Get quotes from several different companies before making a decision.
  • Make sure the company is licensed and insured.
  • Ask about the company’s experience and qualifications.
  • Get a written estimate of the cost of the service.
  • Make sure the company is willing to work around your schedule.
  • Be sure to ask about the company’s waste disposal practices.

Office Furniture Recycling Services

zero to landfill house clearance manchesterOffice furniture recycling is the process of collecting and processing used office furniture to be reused, remanufactured, or recycled. It is an important part of waste management and helps to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills.

There are many benefits to office furniture recycling. It can help to conserve natural resources, reduce pollution, and save businesses money.

Lancashire House Clearance have done many office clearances including large call centres. We managed to donate over 70% and recycled the rest.

What are the reasons for recycling ?

  • Conserving natural resources: Office furniture is often made from wood, metal, and other materials that come from natural resources. Recycling office furniture helps to conserve these resources and reduce the need to cut down trees, mine for metals, and extract other materials from the earth.
  • Reducing pollution: The manufacturing of new office furniture can create pollution. Recycling office furniture helps to reduce this pollution by reducing the need to manufacture new furniture.
  • Saving businesses money: Recycling office furniture can save businesses money in a number of ways. First, it can reduce the cost of purchasing new furniture. Second, it can reduce the cost of disposal. Third, it can improve the company’s environmental image, which can attract customers and employees.

There are a number of ways to recycle office furniture. Some businesses donate their used furniture to charities or schools. Other businesses sell their used furniture to second-hand dealers. Still other businesses recycle their used furniture through a professional recycling company such as Lancashire House Clearance parent company Clear This Ltd.

If you are considering recycling your office furniture, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First, you should make sure that the furniture is in good condition. If the furniture is damaged, it may not be recyclable. Second, you should check with your local recycling program to see if they accept office furniture. Third, you should find a reputable recycling company that will handle your furniture properly.

Office furniture recycling is a great way to help the environment and save money. If you are looking for a way to dispose of your used office furniture, consider recycling it.

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