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House Clearence is a common mis-spelling of House Clearance but we don’t care about that. We here at Lancashire House Clearance are not the spelling police!

Our Clearance service is amongst the fairest of them all.

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Any House Clearance Big or Small

Cheaper Property Clearance Services

When Lancashire House Clearance Quote for a job  we look at the volume or amount of stuff to clear.  This gives us a baseline price to work with.

Once we have this baseline, we look at the contents of the property and try to get any value in the contents to pay as much of the cost as possible.

Example: Cost of Clearance is £600.00 , Value of Contents is £300.00 means we would charge £300.00.

If the value of the contents exceeds the cost of the clearance then we would owe you money therefore we would pay the difference to you, or the estate.

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Cheaper House Clearances simply means you will pay less for your house clearance. This is because of the way we price a job.

You will no doubt see ads for FREE House Clearances etc. But read the small print.

A Business is there to make money and offering a free house clearance is misleading.

A Free Visit Means An Accurate Quote

Lancashire House Clearance prefer to visit to quote. This enables us to see the contents first hand which in turn helps us to give an accurate quote for your job.

We have done quotes by email and over the phone but these quotes are only provisional and will not be binding.

When we visit we can see the condition of stuff which makes it easier to attribute a value to anything we can sell on. This value will be used to pay some of the cost therefore reducing your bill.

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