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Here at Lancashire House Clearance, we are pleased to provide our house clearance services to customers in Wigan, Leigh and all surrounding areas. Whether you require a full house clearance or a partial house clearance, we are at hand to help you.

House Clearance in Wigan at affordable prices – Request a Quote.


Whatever the circumstance, whether a bereavement clearance, a case of hoarding, or simply needing to put your property on the market, we are here to help. We understand that house clearance can be difficult, especially if you need to clear the house of a deceased relative or friend. If you are wondering what the price is for a house clearance in Wigan with us, we are happy to offer you a free quotation for this service, without any obligation to move forward with the house clearance.

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During a house clearance, we will calculate the price depending on the amount there is to remove, but the cost also depends on the type of items there are to clear. The price we quote will always be the maximum amount. We also look at how we can get the property to pay as much of the cost as possible by looking at the value of any goods, and if this is greater than the cost of the clearance you can benefit even more as we will pay you the difference.

Fair and Transparant house clearance pricing

At Lancashire House Clearance, we can simply buy the contents from the property, but we will also offer advice when relevant, for example if you will obtain more money

from selling privately or not, keeping in mind that we will offer high street prices for gold, silver and any jewellery.

If you’re looking for house clearance companies in Wigan, feel free to book us for a visit and we will assess your requirements on site. Simply get in touch and we will be pleased to assist you with your bereavement clearance or any other type of house clearance.

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