Be Careful





Rogue Operators Out There

What We Have Seen.

Lancashire House Clearance are proud of their fairer pricing policy and always offer the best price possible.

In recent weeks we have seen quotes from other operators for really low prices.

One quote was £300.00 including 2 Double Mattresses and an old Fridge Freezer. The minimum cost of disposing of these alone is over £70 plus the weight of them. Take into account fuel, labour and disposal costs and the alarm bells should start to ring.

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Signs of a Rogue Operator

If you are responsible and care about what happens to the contents of a property you are clearing, you will want a licensed and insured company to do it for you.

Finding out skip hire prices is fairly easy and looking up the company on The Environment Agency Website is simple too.

Every House Clearance company MUST me a licensed waste carrier. The license must start with CBDU no other will do.

Why Does This Matter?

Using an unlicensed carrier will increase the possibility of your junk being fly tipped. As business’s , we cannot go on to the normal council tip, we go to commercial waste transfer stations. The main one we use has a minimum charge of £108 plus VAT. This is for up to 0.75 Tonne of junk. Mattresses and Fridges are charged extra due to the way they are disposed of.

If the junk is fly tipped and traced back to you via an envelope etc, you will be found just as guilty as the person who dumped it.( Only if you cant show you used a licensed carrier)

Junk Clearances

Lancashire House Clearance when we were Chorley House Clearance Back in September 2011

The video above featured junk and garden clearance jobs in Blackburn and Ormskirk working with family members