Zero To Landfill House Clearance

Zero To Landfill House Clearance.

Recycle and re-use zero to landfill house clearanceOur company provides zero to landfill house clearance services. Recycling and re-using as much as possible from every house clearance job we do.

Most of the recycling is done by us directly by salvaging anything and everything useable. This can be a very labour intensive process but, the results are worth the effort.

How and what do we recycle?

Scrap Metal Collection

Recycling is mostly straight forward.

First of all, when we do a quote for a house clearance, we look at anything we could possibly sell on through Auction. These items will be given a value which will come off the cost of the house clearance.

So the first part of the recycling process is getting as much stuff as possible re-used.

The second part is looking at some of the stuff that does not really have any value but is perfectly useable.

We offer these items to various charities, cutlery, crockery, pots and pans, irons toasters, kettles, bedding and curtains. Clothing is another great resource for charities.

How do you manage zero to landfill

Contact us for recycling house clearancesHouse Clearance services are basically all the same process. Once we have done the steps above we look at what materials we can recycle directly. This recycling costs us money and generates revenue.

Scrap metal generates a small income which just about covers the cost of sorting and separating it from the rest of the stuff. This is part of our direct recycling process which is done in-house.

Mattress Recycling Services

old mattress recyclingIf we were to take mattresses ( any size as they all cost the same ) to the materials recovery facility, they would charge us £25 per mattress plus VAT. So we do not take them there.

All mattresses are taken for specialist recycling at Rematt. Over 6 Million mattresses enter the waste stream each year and only around 14% get recycled.

We take 100% of the mattresses we clear from properties to Rematt to ensure environmentally responsible recycling.

Wood Recycling

wood recycling zero to landfill house clearanceAnother material we separate in house is wood. The cost of tipping wood is less than tipping a mixed load for materials recovery. Wood is probably the easiest material to sort and separate. From planks of solid wood to chip board. Sorting it out enables us to keep our costs down as much as possible.

What happens to books ?

Book recycling nothing to landfillIf a book is intact and clean, we recycle these in two ways. We scan then through various apps such as We Buy Books and Ziffit. This can only be done if the book has a bar code or an ISBN number.

Some books will not have any value to the companies we scan them with but all is not lost. We bag all books up for collection by a book recycling company. This again keeps our costs down as books weigh a surprising amount.

Recycling Legally and Safely

Every house clearance company must me registered as an upper tier waste carrier. The registration details are available on the Environment Agency website. Our company is fully licensed and insured.

House Clearance Safe TradersWe also took the additional step of joining Lancashire County Councils Safe Trader Scheme. This scheme is run by the Trading Standards department of the council. To be a member, you must demonstrate that you are licensed and insured. The scheme has a code of practice which all members must abide by.

In the event of any dispute, trading standards will make a ruling and business’s must accept the scheme’s ruling.

Any Questions?

Our friendly team will happily answer any questions you may have about our zero to landfill house clearance services. You can contact us by email directly, by phone on 07833 448272 or by filling in the handy contact form here….

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