We Buy Used Furniture and Appliances

We Buy Used Furniture and Appliances.

A Lot of people clearing a property will often call in a charity shop to come and take what they want. This is all very well if you want to support that particular charity.

You may wish to support a charity that can`t collect your items.

Why not sell the stuff and make a cash donation to any charity you choose rather than be restricted to those who can collect.

Used Goods Buyers at Lancashire House ClearanceLancashire House Clearance buy quality used goods, Antiques, Collectables, CDs , Dvd`s, Televisions, Cookers, Washers, Dryers, Fridges, Freezers,  Sofas, Gold, Silver, Ornaments, Pottery, Ceramics, Vintage Toys, Garden Ornaments, Garden Furniture, Cars, Motorcycles and just about anything else.


If you want to donate to a charity then use the cash we pay to support a charity you want to support.


Using a charity to clear stuff for free is an option but why do that when you can sell the stuff to us then you get to choose any charity to make a cash donation to.

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