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Lancashire House Clearance Terms & Conditions. 

Lancashire Clearance Services Ltd, Trading as Lancashire House Clearance, Unit 3 , Primrose Bank House, Friday Street, Chorley , Lancashire PR6 0AA


By using our services you agree to these terms and conditions. Provision of our services is subject to agreement and acceptance of these terms & conditions.

House Clearances

Initial Pricing will be done by volume.  (The amount of stuff to clear incl. junk) 

Any House Clearance quotation from Lancashire Clearance Services is subject to alteration if the job is significantly mis-described or changes after we have quoted .

Check our House Clearances Pricing Page.

An initial reduction in the cost of your clearance for any items of value will be made upon quoting or within 48 hours if there is something we need to research in order to be fair to you.

Further reductions in cost are possible when we clear the property as we find items with value that we have not already counted.

The valuations of items could go up or down when we come to clear the property depending upon the condition once we can see it properly.

Should any of the items we have allowed a value for not be present at the clearance, the reduction will be cancelled and the price will go up by the value of the item removed.

Once a reduction in cost has been negotiated and accepted, the ownership of the contents to be cleared passes to Lancashire Clearance Services Ltd.

What if the value of the contents is greater than the cost of the house clearance ?

Where the value of the contents of a house clearance / Office Clearance / Garage Clearance etc is (at the time of quoting ) deemed greater than the quoted cost of the clearance, we will pay you the difference.

Example: If we quote £600.00 and deem the value of the contents is £800.00 at the quote, we will pay you £200.00.

If the items subsequently sell for more at auction then any profit will be retained by Lancashire Clearance Services Ltd.

If the items sell for less than the valuation then Lancashire Clearance Services Ltd will absorb the loss.

Rubbish Removals

For Rubbish Removals a £35.00 call out charge will apply. See our Rubbish Removal Pricing Page.

Old Refrigerators / Freezers (unsaleable)

Any under counter freezers or refrigerators will incur a charge of £40 per unit. Tall fridge freezers £50 per unit and american fridge freezers £120 per unit

Old Mattresses

Mattresses incur charges of £25 each no matter what the size

All charges above will be included in the quotation given.


Old CRT tv’s and monitors will incur a charge of £25.00 per unit.


By using any of our services you agree to pay any sums due upon completion of the job unless we have agreed in advance to invoice you for payment within 28 days.

Cheques are not accepted. We accept card payment, Bank Transfer, Paypal and Cash.

Where the value of the contents in a house clearance is deemed greater (at the time of quoting ) than the cost of the clearance, we will pay you by bank transfer within 7 days ( though this will usually be within 24 hours of the job completion ).