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Terms and Conditions

Fair Play, Less to Pay

Lancashire House Clearance Terms and Conditions.

House Clearance Quotations:-

Lancashire House Clearance (referred to as “Us” “We” from now on) always visit to quote for any house clearance.

The price we quote for a house clearance will usually include a reduction for any items of value.

When we have allowed a reduction for any item and the item/s is / are not at the property when we clear it then the reduction will be cancelled.

Where we allow a value for an item and discover damage or an error has been made in the valuation we will adjust the price accordingly. Some faults and valuation mistakes only become apparent when we come to remove the items from a property.

If The value of any goods in the property is greater than the cost of the clearance then we will pay you the difference in cash or by bank transfer upon job completion.

Where the cost of the clearance is greater than the value of the goods in the property then payment will be due upon completion .

Invoices will be sent to Solicitors for payment within 28 days in the case of probate house clearances.

The Clearance: IMPORTANT

Where the customer is NOT present for the clearance, any items we should not take should be clearly marked with post it notes or coloured stickers.

Any items removed from a property are disposed of immediately and any items that are unmarked could be cleared in error if they are not marked .

Lancashire House Clearance accept no responsibility for any unmarked items cleared in error.

The onus is on the customer to clearly mark anything that is to remain in the property.

Fixed items will never be removed unless specifically instructed.

Ideally a “Safe Area” should be set up where anything you wish to keep can be placed.


Payment from private individuals is due upon job completion. Payment can be made by Bank Transfer, Cash or Card. We do NOT accept Cheques. Credit Card Payments will incur a 2% surcharge.

Invoiced payments are due within 28 days from the invoice date. Late payment will incur a late payment charge of £40.00

Rubbish Removal

Our Rubbish Removal Service Excludes Builders Waste, Hardcore, Bricks, Soil and Ceramic Tiles and Organic Garden Waste.

Asbestos is not something we deal with.

Our Charges are similar to Skip Hire prices plus labour. There are some items we must charge extra for such as

Fridges and Freezers  £35 per item.

Mattresses £15 each ( any size) Wet Mattresses left outside are charged at £25 Each.

Televisions £15 each