Sell My Stuff

Sell my Stuff

sell my stuffLancashire House Clearance buy almost anything that can be sold on for profit.

A visit yo you can be arranged and we can buy from your door within 20 miles of Chorley, Lancashire. Photo ID required for all purchases.

Customers call and say ” I want to sell my stuff ” and then expect retail prices. Lancashire House Clearance buy items to sell at auction. Our main buyers are traders and pay trade prices. We pay between 50% and 60% of what we can sell an item for.

A Customer calls and says I want to sell my stuff –

Our advice is to always sell privately first. You will get more money than we will pay. It may take more time but if you want the market value then thats what you should do. There are many outlets for selling items online. Facebook Groups,  Gumtree,  Loot, Craigs List, eBay and Preloved are just some of them.

Be prepared to deal with a lot enquiries and spend a lot of time answering messages about your items.

Lancashire House Clearance can come to you and give you a price right away. You can say yes or no and then go down the private sale route.

You are welcome to bring items in to us too. Just remember No ID = No Sale. Call us or message us HERE  and put sell my stuff in the subject line

To save time we have compiled a list of what we buy.

What we buy .

  1. Scrap Gold and Silver by the gram. Current prices less 20% to allow us a profit.
  2. Televisions from £20 to £100.00
  3. Laptops from £10 to £60.00
  4. Antiques and Collectables bought for cash
  5. Tools bought for cash
  6. Furniture bought for cash
  7. Appliances bought for cash
  8. Jewellery bought for cash
  9. Mobile Phones  bought for cash
  10. Stereo Equipment bought for cash
  11. Digital Cameras bought for cash
  12. Gadgets such as Drones bought for cash
  13. Bicycles bought for cash
  14. Motorcycles and Scooters bought for cash
  15. Cars and Vans bought for cash
  16. Mobility Scooters bought for cash
  17. Designer Bags bought for cash
  18. Quality Watches bought for cash
  19. Almost anything else considered.