Rubbish Removal Service

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Rubbish Removals

Our rubbish removal service is a cost effective alternative to Skip Hire. It’s worth looking at the pro’s and cons of each option to give you some idea of which will be best for your junk clearance job.

Skip hire will be slightly cheaper, but when you factor in the time and effort to fill it, which is really the best option?

Skip Hire


  1. Take your time with the job as most skip hire is for a week or more.
  2. Several skip sizes to choose from to suit your job.


  1. All the work and heavy lifting is done by you.
  2. There are restrictions on what you can put into a skip. Each skip hire company has their own but, generally fridges, paints and oils are not allowed and so you need to consider this possible extra disposal cost.
  3. Parking the skip, if you have a driveway it’s fine but you will be charged extra if you have to park it on the road.
  4. A skip must be level filled and therefore, NOT built up with boards to fit more in. You could be asked to level the skip if you do this.
  5. Stuff needs to be broken down to make the best use of the space. You will be surprised how quickly it will fill up.
  6. Mis-judge how much waste you have and you will need to order another skip. The cost of the job will then increase.

Rubbish Removal Service


  1. All the work and heavy lifting is done for you.
  2. Everything including fridges* and paints will be taken.
  3. Once we have quoted, you will know how much the job will cost. there will be no possibility of extra charges.


  1. Fridges and Sprung Mattresses have a surcharge on them due to the way they are recycled. Fridges and a few other items too could carry a surcharge if they are not re-useable.
  2. A bit more expensive than skip hire. (but not hugely different)

Our Junk Clearance Service

You can find our junk removal service by clicking on the logo below.

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