Probate House Clearance Work.

valuable house clearance itemsLancashire Clearance Services Ltd can House Clearances for deceased estates. 

Probate Valuations can be provided by our co-owner who is a professional auctioneer and valuer. We provide an itemised catalogue for Solicitors and Executors of a deceased estate. The prices we attribute to items in the properties would represent current auction values.

The values would be obtained through meticulous research and auctioneers knowledge.

What is a probate valuation?

Benjamin Franklin once said, “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” And while we can’t be certain what happens in the afterlife, we can try to minimise the amount the government takes from our descendents after we pass away.

Probate is the legal process of dealing with someone’s assets after they die – this is usually conducted by the executors who carry out the wishes of the deceased person, as stipulated in the will. A Grant of Representation allows the executor to gain access to all the information they need to establish the value of the deceased’s assets. These can include money in bank accounts, stocks and shares, vehicles, jewellery, works of art, and probably the largest asset anyone will hold, property.

Why it is so important

Probate, inheritance tax and capital gains are inextricably bound up with each other, particularly in respect to commercial property, which with a total value of £787 billion represents 13 percent of the total value of buildings in the UK – a figure which the Chancellor of the Exchequer would like a large slice of.

Establishing the accurate value of an estate is essential if IHT is to be minimised and it’s vital that you seek independent, professional advice about what any commercial property which makes up an estate is valued at.

The valuation is a chargeable service. 

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probate clearances

House Clearance Services

For the purpose of probate, we can itemise everything in the property. A value would be given to as much as possible and you would be provided with the list.

house clearance and rubbish removalsThe prices would reflect current auction prices for house clearance items and would be the value we would pay for the items on the list.

If you hire Lancashire House Clearance to clear your property the value of the goods would be paid in cash. Should you require us to clear and dispose of all the junk too then the value of the goods would be deducted from the cost of the clearance.

In some cases, the value of the contents of a house clearance is greater than the cost. If this is the case with your property clearance, we’ll pay you the difference.

If you have any house clearance or rubbish removal needs, invite Lancashire Clearance Services Ltd to quote. On average we are 15% cheaper than our competitors.

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