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Fair Play, Less to Pay

Lancashire House Clearance.

  • Full and Part House Clearances
  • Bereavement and Probate Work
  • Junk Removal
  • Licensed Waste Carriers
  • Fast Friendly Service
  • No Up Front Costs.

Our Chorley base gives us excellent access to the motorway network.

We can be almost anywhere in our service area within an hour.

Our way of working offers a fairer option for our customers. We don`t just charge to clear your property. We simultaneously buy any items of value which can reduce the cost of the clearance substantially.

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Never Pay a Penny Upfront

With over 30 years experience in the house clearance business we have seen all the scams and cons.

Don`t get ripped off. Never pay a deposit or any money in advance, Get at least three quotes and only pay on completion of your clearance.

Where there are any items of any value in your property then ensure these are amongst the last items to go. We have hears stories of house clearance companies turning up and taking everything of value then leaving the junk.

Do your checks

Some House Clearance Companies try to pretend they are local when they are large nationals travelling many miles to get to you. Someone has to pay for them to come from the North East or Down South it will certainly be the customer.

Using a truly local House Clearance Company is more eco friendly too.

The less miles your junk has to travel the better for us, you and the planet.

Website Testimonials

You may have noticed some websites show customer testimonials. Some of them may be genuine but others are definitely not.

These two websites I came across after a company tried to get me to sign up to their services clearly demonstrate website dishonesty. and

Compare these sites, even down to the customer testimonials. 

When considering reviews you are better off reading google or yelp etc. Better still ask the business if you can contact one or two previous customers .

Lancashire House Clearance will happily ask some of our customers if we can pass on contact information to any customer seeking reassurance.