Lancashire House Clearance Funnies

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funny house clearance postcard

Lancashire House Clearance Lighter Moments.

House Clearance Funny PostcardLancashire house clearance are usually required at the worst possible time in a family’s life, we do occasionally learn something of the person who’s house we are clearing.

Recently we did a house clearance in Blackpool and came across some wonderful ( though politically incorrect) saucy post cards from Bamfords.

This showed us that this lady had a great sense of humour and gave us a giggle too.

Here are a couple we thought we could publish without causing too much offence.

Collectable House Clearance PostcardsFunny House Clearance Postcard







Garage Clearance Quote in Lostock Hall.

House Clearance TrespassingOur company was invited to quote for a garage clearance in Lostock hall. Our appointment was 5pm but we arrived early. We approached the property and saw this sign on the gate which amused us.

We are so easily tickled.

It’s good to see humour in these strange days. Laughter can light up the darkest of days and make things feel just a bit better.



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