House Clearance

House Clearance

What is a House Clearance? 

House Clearances

House Clearance junk removal van

A House Clearance is usually the complete clearance of any property. Complete removal of all the contents including furniture and appliances. Not every job requires everything to be cleared.

The majority of House clearance jobs we do come from bereavements. Therefore we are often working with bereaved families at what is a difficult time.

Some clearances are needed due to downsizing or elderly relatives going into care homes etc.


The Process of Clearing a House.

All house clearances are different. Lancashire clearance Services price each job individually and in a fairer way than most of our licensed competitors. This means you will get a better deal with us. If our price is higher than our licensed competitor, tell us and we will try to beat it.

When clearing a house, it is important to go through personal paperwork and remove anything you will need. Once this is done you can look at anything in the property that needs to be kept. Some items may have been left in a will to various people. Get these items together in a “Safe Area” of the property.

Now you are at a point where you need to decide whether you want to do the clearance yourself or call a licensed house clearance company. (All House Clearance Companies MUST be Upper Tier Licensed Waste Carriers. )

We have gone one step further and joined The Safe Trader Scheme which is run by Lancashire County Council’s Trading Standards.

House Clearance Safe Trader

If you are doing it yourself , its best to plan what can go to charity, what has to be thrown away and what you can sell or take to the tip yourself. Make sure you have plenty of help for larger items.

Some people call in charities to collect larger items only to find that the charity doesn’t want them. When this happens you need to look at alternatives for disposal. In addition to the extra time involved in this, there will be costs too.

Skip Hire is an option if you have the time and labour to fill it, in addition you will need space to park the skip too.

Use a Clearance Company

bereavement house clearances are stressfull

young stressed woman sitting on the ground green grass with many boxes

Another option is to use a reputable licensed company to take care of it all for you. ( we would say that as it’s what we do!) 

The advantage of using a clearance company is, all the work is done for you. Therefore there is no need to worry about how its going to get done and you won’t have the stress of having to turn a home back into a house.

Like most other house clearance companies, we price by volume. Therefore the amount of stuff in the property ( including outbuildings, lofts, cellars) will generate the cost of the job. Once we have this cost, we look at any value in the contents of the property and use this value to pay some or all of the cost where possible.

We have even done jobs where we have paid the customer and cleared out everything including all the junk.

In some cases, more stuff in the property can mean more value in the contents, therefore less cost to you or the estate. In conclusion, invite us to quote, on average, we are 30% Cheaper than our licensed competitors.