House Clearance Services A Fairer Way

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Lancashire House Clearance Play Fair.

A house clearance at any property can be a stressful and harrowing experience. Bereavement Clearances can be especially difficult to deal with.

With this in mind we work together with Chorley Auction House to provide you with a fairer service.

How Much Does a House Clearance Cost.

The average cost is around £750.00. The cost can vary greatly depending on the size, location and accessibility to the property.

Another factor in what you will be charged is the distance the clearance company has to travel to get to you. We only cover a 35 mile radius of Chorley, Lancashire.

Some House Clearance Companies pretend to be local such as Northern House Clearance who travel from the North East ! (Hardly Environmentally Friendly with all that mileage).

Most House Clearance Companies will charge just by the amount of stuff to clear and allow nothing for anything of value.

Some will offer a price over the phone but please PLEASE, read their terms and conditions to avoid being stung. We will always visit to give an accurate quote and you will have no nasty surprises.

Lancashire House Clearance will price by volume too but we try to get the contents of the property to cover as much of the cost as possible. In other words, we will reduce the cost where there are any items of value to us.

Does The Clearance Company Pay me?

As far as Lancashire House Clearance is concerned….

In some cases yes. The majority of house clearance jobs we charge for and reduce the cost for anything of value. If we price your clearance at £750.00 and the contents in the property add up to £1500.00 then we would pay you £750.00. However, if the price of your clearance is £750.00 and the contents add up £250.00 then you would pay £500.00.

How do I get The Best Deal?
lancashire house clearances there are many professional clearance companies around. We always encourage potential customers to get at least three quotes. We often insist so the customer gets the best possible deal.

Even when we have quoted first, we have actively encouraged the client to seek further quotes and even provided numbers to call. We are that confident in our prices and services that we have no fear of our competition. Make sure you get a fairer house clearance by calling us.

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