How do House Clearance Services Work?

house clearance and Rubbish removalWe can’t speak for other companies but, Lancashire House Clearance Service can offer several solutions to your house clearance needs.

The same applies to our Office Clearance Service.

A complete clearance is usually priced on the amount of stuff to clear. With other companies, that’s it . you would be charged just by volume.

Lancashire House Clearance do things in a fairer way.

We too price by volume but we also give a cash value to as much of the property contents as possible.

We then deduct the value of the goods from the cost of the clearance. This means that the house clearance contents pay for as much of the cost as possible.

Option 1

lancashire clearance services on google mapsHouse Clearance where we clear everything you want removing and allow a reduction in cost for any items that may have some resale value to us.

This is the most popular option.

Option 2

house clearance in LeylandClearing the “Junk” and you sell the good stuff yourself. Obviously there would be no possibility of any reduction in the cost.

We are licensed waste carriers and always dispose of waste responsibly.


Option 3

Auction of House Clearance stuffWe can clear the property completely and charge for that. Then we would put the sellable stuff into Chorley Auction House weekly sale under your own account which we will set up. Our co-owner is the owner of the auction house.

Any monies raised from the sale of the goods will be yours less auction costs. This option requires the clearance to be paid for upon completion.

You can then sit by your computer and watch your items sell in the live online auction.

Be Careful !

house clearance teamEvery house clearance is different and our clients have different requirements .This depends on what is happening with the property.

Lancashire House Clearance  provide fast efficient and professional house clearance services.

Our clients tell us what they want and we deliver exactly whats wanted.

No up front costs, several payment options including card, paypal and bank transfer.

Beware of “Cash Only” operators and always check the waste carriers public register on The Environment Agency website and NEVER Pay a penny up front to anyone.

If any house clearance stuff is fly tipped and is traced back you you then you could be liable for a fine of up to £5000.00 plus a prison sentence.

house clearance service area

Office Clearance Service

Office and commercial property clearances undertaken too throughout our service areas.

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