How does a House Clearance Work?

house clearance and rubbish removals So How does a Clearance Work? House Clearance Service provided by Lancashire Clearance Services Ltd. can offer several solutions to your property clearance requirements.

Complete clearances are usually priced on the amount of stuff to clear. With other companies, that’s it. you would be charged just by volume.

House Clearances at Competitive Prices Lancs and Greater Manchester.

Lancashire Clearance Services does things in a fairer way.

When customers call and ask “House Does a House Clearance Work? We tell them, we too price by volume but we also give a cash value to as much of the property contents as possible.

We then deduct the value of the goods from the cost of the clearance. This means that the house clearance contents pay for as much of the cost as possible. If the value of the contents is greater than the cost, then we pay you.

Where there are any High Value items in the property, we can arrange for our resident auctioneer to give you an accurate valuation. In addition to this, we can enter the high value items into the weekly online auction with world wide exposure.

If you just want to sell the item, we can make you a cash offer.

Be Careful!

Every house clearance is different and our clients have different requirements. This depends on what is happening with the property.

Lancashire Clearance Services Ltd provides fast efficient and professional house clearance services.

Our clients tell us what they want and we deliver exactly what’s wanted.

No upfront costs, several payment options including card, Paypal and bank transfer.

Beware of “Cash Only” operators and always check the waste carriers public register on The Environment Agency website and NEVER Pay a penny up front to anyone.

If any house clearance stuff is fly tipped and is traced back you you then you could be liable for a fine of up to £5000.00 plus a prison sentence.

Office Clearance Service

office clearance servicesOffice and commercial property clearances are undertaken too throughout our service area.

We can work evenings and weekends where required to fit in with our customers’ needs.

Although we do not have an outlet for used office furniture, we do try to recycle as much as possible from every job we do. We take zero to landfill.

This does not mean that nothing at all goes to landfill eventually and anyone who tells you otherwise is probably not being entirely truthful.

All junk and rubbish removed by us it taken to a waste processing station where the maximum recycling is done. Items are broken down and separated into their constituent parts and each part is recycled where possible.

Of course there will always be an element of waste that has to be buried but our process and that of our recycling partners will ensure that this is as low as 1%. As technology advances, we would like to see a true zero landfill policy with all waste transfer stations to keep house clearance junk and rubbish removals recyclable.

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