Pricing a Property Clearance

House Clearance Preston

Every House Clearance, Flat Clearance or Office Clearance is different.

Our pricing for any property clearance is primarily based on the amount of stuff to clear.

The more stuff in the property by volume would generate a higher cost to clear.

Lancashire Clearance Services have a fairer pricing model.


Fairer Pricing For House Clearances

Once we have worked out the cost of the clearance by volume, we start trying to get the property to pay as much of the cost as possible.

A closer look at the property contents will hopefully reduce the cost to our customers.

It’s often the smaller items in the property that hold the most value just by volume.

If there is any jewellery for example, this could reduce the cost substantially where on the other hand a sideboard or three piece suite could have a negligible reduction.

house clearance services

Example of how our pricing works.

If we calculate the clearance cost at £500.00, this is the maximum you could possibly pay. We then add up the value in the contents of the house clearance and deduct this from the cost.
If the value of the contents is £250.00 then the cost of the clearance to you would be £250.00. If the value of the contents is £1500.00 then we would pay you £1000.00

Should I Donate Stuff to Charity to Reduce The Cost ?

Some customers genuinely want to support a specific charity and we fully support this.

Others just want a “free” way to get rid of bulky items to whoever will collect.

If you have a specific charity in mind, you could use the cash reduction we offer and make a donation to any charity of your choice rather than being tied to those who can collect.

You will find most charities will literally just cherry pick and you could be left with lots of junk with no possibility of a reduction in the cost of having it cleared.


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