House Clearance Pricing

Fairer House Clearance Pricing

House Clearance Pricing by Lancashire House Clearance will always use any value in the contents of a property to pay some of the cost.
This means you will pay less for your house clearance due to our fairer pricing policy.
We are Registered Waste Carriers. Our Registration Number us CBDU2997850.


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Contents Value


Is What You Pay

We Do Things In A Fairer Way

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When Lancashire House Clearance price a clearance,we try to get the contents of the property to pay as much of the cost as possible. This means you would pay less to us.

Because of this, sometimes more stuff in the property can mean less cost for the clearance of it.

By all means call in charities and give stuff away but if everything of any value has gone then the chances of any substantial reduction has probably gone too.

Don’t Throw Anything It Can Affect House Clearance pricing

Some customers have made a start on clearing a property themselves. A skip on the driveway etc.  Our team arrived and priced up the job, then looked at the contents of the skip and pulled £200 worth of stuff out of it. The £200 was therefore taken off the cost.

Throw nowt til you’ve called us out because you could be throwing money and keeping junk!

Contact Lancashire House Clearance Now. Our friendly team are waiting to hear from you. And if you get several quotes, tell us what prices you have had and we will try to beat it ! 

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We will always give advice on the cheapest way to do things and the best possible deal for you. For example selling items privately will always achieve more money than we can pay!

Getting charities to pick up stuff is great if you want to support that charity. However, using them to get rid of stuff so a clearance costs you less could in fact have the opposite effect.


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