House Clearance Prices.

How much does a house clearance cost ?

HOUSE CLEARANCE COSTThe cost of a house clearance depends on the amount of stuff to clear. The majority of house clearance companies simply charge based on the amount of stuff to clear then charge + VAT

So a House Clearance quote of £500 becomes £600.00 with VAT included

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Does Less Stuff Mean Less Cost ?

lancashire house clearancesNot necessarily , Lancashire Clearance Services price by volume like many others but, we look at any value in the stuff in the property.

The value in the majority of properties is in the volume of smaller items and not in the furniture. A lot of customers make a start on clearing the smaller stuff first because its relatively easy to do.

We would advise you to just remove what’s being kept by yourselves, friends and relatives then call us in to give you a FREE no obligation quote.

How Can More Stuff Cost Less ?

house clearance servicesLet’s say you need to clear a 3 bed house and our quote by volume is £700.00.

Once we have the £700 figure, we look at reducing it with any value in the contents of the property.

If you have a hundred small items that are £1 each in value then right away that is a reduction of £100.00. Our average reduction is between Thirty and Fifty percent.

Example: Price by volume is £700.00 and the value in the contents is £500.00 means you would pay just £200.00

If the value in the contents is £1400.00 we would pay you £700.00

Can you Quote Via Email ?

Email Lancashire House ClearanceWe can quote via email but we will not be able to tell you how much of a reduction we can give you until we see the property.

It’s really easy to book a free quote. No VAT will be added and no up front payment required.

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