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How Much is a House Clearance?

Lancashire house clearance pricesA House Clearance is a charged service. You will normally have pay to have a property cleared. 

Some companies advertise free House Clearance Services ! Read the small print, there will be some catch.

From a commercial business point of view, a house clearance cannot be done for FREE! Disposing of waste is not cheap Unless you are Fly Tipping

Cost of a House Clearance

house clearance price, how much does a house clearance costLike most house clearance companies, a house clearance price is calculated by volume. The amount of stuff is the biggest factor. Having said that, a large amount of stuff can also lead to a large reduction in cost too !

We then look at any value in the property and use that value to pay some or all of the cost.

Free House Clearance

There is no such thing! A House Clearance will always be paid for, the question is. Are the contents worth more than the cost? If the answer is yes, then we would pay you the difference between the cost of the clearance and the value of the contents.

The average price of a house clearance

The prices of House Clearance can vary greatly

A Full House Clearance can range from £400.00 to £1500.00 depending on the volume of stuff to clear. Take into account out buildings, sheds, garages etc. 

House Clearance Prices can vary hugely from company to company.

Also cellars, Lofts and also take access into account too.  The best way to find out what your house clearance will cost is to invite several companies to quote for you.

Lancashire House Clearance will always visit and quote for free.

We quoted £800.00 for one job recently by volume. The value of the contents was taken off the cost and we paid £650.00 into the estate. This is because the goods were more than sufficient to pay our charges and so, the extra cash was paid back to the solicitors.
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How To Make House Clearance Prices Lower.

House Clearance Prices LowerSome items in properties have a surcharge for disposal. The most common we come across are old fridges ( though good clean working ones will have a value and reduce the cost of a clearance), mattresses, old CRT ( Big Tube) monitors and televisions and Calor Heater Cylinders.

Let’s look at mattresses in this example:

As a commercial business, we can only use authorised waste transfer stations. When we take a mattress ( or usually several from a property), we have to pay £17.50 + VAT + The weight of the mattress. This is roughly £25.00 per mattress. The price is the same regardless of size. So four mattresses would add £100.00 to any house clearance prices.

Local authorities can usually offer to take several large items for between £20 and £70 depending on where you live.

With this in mind, we would recommend you search your local council website for large item collection. You should get us in for a quote first and we will always give you the best advice. After all you wouldn’t want to dispose of a large item that could actually reduce the cost.

Things You Must Check !
  1. Is your quoting company a licensed waste carrier ? It is your responsibility to check this . The Environment Agency Website has a Public Register  to make this easy.
  2. Are they fully insured ? Ask for proof of insurance. This demonstrates the company is responsible in it’s approach to it’s business.
  3. Check any reviews online.
  4. Is there any other positive signal about the business, such as Lancashire County Council Safe Trader Registered. ( as we are)

Basically, disposing of waste is not cheap. If you are given house clearance prices that sound too good to be true, then they probably are. Your stuff will most likely be fly tipped or disposed illegally by burning etc. Not very environentally friendly.

If your waste is fly tipped and it is traced back to you, you are just as guilty as the person who physically dumped the stuff. If you can prove you checked ten you can show due diligence .

In conclusion. Don’t let price be the only factor in your decision. Do your checks. It could save you a lot of hassle.