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How Much is a House Clearance?

A House Clearance is a charged service. You will normally have pay to have a property cleared. 

Some companies advertise free House Clearance Services ! Read the small print, there will be some catch.

From a commercial business point of view, a house clearance cannot be done for FREE! Disposing of waste is not cheap Unless you are Fly Tipping

Cost of a House Clearance

house clearance prices, how much does a house clearance costLike most house clearance companies, we initially price by volume. The amount of stuff is the biggest factor.

We then look at any value in the property and use that value to pay some or all of the cost.

Free House Clearance

There is no such thing! A House Clearance will always be paid for, the question is. Are the contents worth more than the cost? If the answer is yes, then we would pay you the difference between the cost of the clearance and the value of the contents.


The average price of a house clearance

bereavement house clearances are stressfull

A Full House Clearance can range from £400.00 to £1500.00 depending on the volume of stuff to clear. Take into account out buildings, sheds, garages etc. 

Also cellars, Lofts and also take access into account too.  The best way to find out what your house clearance will cost is to invite several companies to quote for you.

Lancashire House Clearance will always visit and quote for free.

We quoted £800.00 for one job recently by volume. The value of the contents was taken off the cost and we paid £650.00 into the estate. This is because the goods were more than sufficient to pay our charges and so, the extra cash was paid back to the solicitors.

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