Fairer House Clearance Preston

best house clearance serviceWelcome to Lancashire House Clearance Preston. We charge based on the amount of stuff to clear which results in a much fairer pricing.

Many other companies do the same but not many allow a value to any of the contents.

Therefore you just pay what they ask with no reduction at all.

We look at any possible value in the items to be cleared and deduct this value from the cost and so, this means you have less to pay.

This does not mean we are doing the clearance on the cheap. We take pride in conducting a professional house clearance.

Getting rid of junk is expensive and every house clearance involves junk collection and disposal. It simply means that as a fairer company, we get the value of the contents to pay some of the cost where appropriate.

Some items which cannot be re-used could have a surcharge added. The most common of these are sprung mattresses, fridges / freezers and old CRT televisions. Gas bottles are another surcharge item we come across fairly regularly.

Surcharges are not in the initial quote because they may not apply. If a fridge is sellable, it is an asset, therefore we would not add a surcharge. We would allow a value for it and deduct the value from the cost of your job.

No Up Front Costs

House Clearance Safe TradersWhen we are hired to do a full house clearance job in Preston, we never ask for payment up front and offer a range of payment options. Our expertise in house clearances includes both big or small properties.

For private customers, payment must be made upon completion. Solicitors, Local Authorities and Housing Associations will be invoiced for payment within 30 days. Our company is on the safe trader register through Lancashire County Council Trading Standards.

We uphold their terms of service and this in turn offers our customers a level of protection that is not always available with other house clearance Preston companies.

Preston Bulky Item Collection

hOUSE cLEARANCE pRESTON Rubbish Removal Services Preston City Council offer a large item or “Bulky Waste” collection service at a far cheaper price than we can.

Lancashire House Clearance have to charge extra for sprung mattresses and old fridges and freezers. Currently the charge for fridges is £50 and Mattresses £25.00 each.

Preston Council can take 3 items for just £20.50 which is reduced to £14.50 for those in receipt of Housing Benefit etc. There is a further charge of £7.50 per item over the 3 up to a maximum of 6 items.

Have a look at the information on https://preston.gov.uk/bulkywaste If you have 2 mattresses ( any size) and a fridge for example, we would have to charge £100.00 to dispose of them. This is assuming the mattress is dry. A wet one would be £40.00 due to the extra weight.

Call us in for a quote and we will gladly give you any information to help keep your costs down. You can also send us a message on our contact form.

You will get a fast response from one of our friendly team to arrange a Free visit and quote.

More Stuff Can Mean Less Cost

One of the quirks of the house clearance business is, although jobs are charged by volume, more stuff can mean less cost. Obviously we can only talk about how our company operates.

When a job is priced up by volume, that is not the end of it.

Everything is looked at to work out if it has any value, where it does, that value is taken off the cost of the house clearance.

House Clearances have an average of 30% reduction in cost. There have been jobs where the value exceeds the cost and in this case, you would be paid to have your house clearance done by us.