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House Clearance in Mellor Brook

Lancashire House Clearance in Mellor BrookLancashire House Clearance did a property  Clearance in Mellor Brook at a three bedroom property with garage.

This job was booked quoted, booked in and completed within 72 hours as the customer was under extreme time constraints.

As a small family business, we don’t tend to book too far in advance for any house clearance. This is because the customers usually want the properties cleared when the sale has gone through.

If the sale falls through, then the job gets cancelled and we lose an appointment slot that could have been taken by another customer. So our business model is built around speedy reaction to enquiries, fast service and customer satisfaction.

How to keep costs down

House Clearance in Mellor BrookIf you need to do a house clearance in Mellor Brook or anywhere in Lancashire, there are ways you can keep the cost down.

Some items at a clearance carry a surcharge. For example, calor gas bottles. When we take calor gas bottles, the recycling centre charges us £50 per bottle. We obviously need to pass on this cost to our customers. Calor bottles are not large and will fit in the boot of most cars.

You can take them to your local household recycling centre and dispose of these free of charge.

Zero To Landfill

Clear This Ltd have a Zero to Landfill Policy. Everything we take away from your property is transported to our base first. Here we sort out what we can recycle directly ourselves. The rest is taken to a Materials Recycling Facility (MRF) in Bolton.

Ethical House Clearance recyclingMaterials Recovery Facilities (MRFs), also known as Materials Recycling Facilities or Materials Reclamation facilities, are designed to handle waste materials.

They sort materials from a number of kerbside collection programmes, as well as recyclables from commercial and industrial sources. These operations range in size and are operated by local authorities, major private contractors, the community/third sector and SMEs who may also operate waste transfer stations.

They can play an important role in reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill sites.

They are specialised plant that receives, separates and prepares dry recyclable materials.

The recyclables go through a variety of mainly mechanical and some manual processes to obtain maximum recovery of materials that will re-enter the manufacturing process as a valuable commodity.

The recyclable waste is typically separated into:

Aluminium and steel cans
Plastic bottles and packaging
Other, non-recyclable residual material

MRF facilities may use a range of technologies to sort recyclables by their physical and chemical properties; shape, size, weight, magnetism and optical scanning (paper and plastics.

Although the recycling and sorting of waste is increasingly more sophisticated and mechanised, there remains a significant reliance on manual operations, particularly hand-picking, to ensure quality standards are met.

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In conclusion, If you need a rubbish removal or a house clearance in Mellor Brook, you can be sure that Clear This Ltd. will do it the right way for you and the planet.



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