House Clearance in Astley Village

House Clearance In Astley Village

House Clearance In Astley Village

2018 08 13 300x300 - House Clearance In Astley VillageLancashire Clearance Services serve Astley Village and all areas of Chorley in Lancashire.

We were called in to quote for a property clearance by a gentleman who was getting the house market ready . We were the first of three companies to quote for the job.

Within hours the customer called us back to confirm we had the job. Furthermore our price was about 30% lower than our competitors. This is because we used the value in the property contents to pay some of the cost.

Fairer Property Clearances

landline1 e1563705544142 300x105 - House Clearance In Astley VillageWhen we priced this house clearance, we worked out the price by volume first. Next we looked at any items we have to charge extra for such as sprung mattresses, refrigerators, CRT tv’s and monitors and paints / chemicals.

This was added on to the volume price which then gave us the maximum possible cost.

From this point the only way the price could change was downwards.

Some items in the house clearance were sellable and therefore had a value to us. These items were given a cash value and this total value was taken off the maximum cost.

In this case the cost of the house clearance in Astley Village was reduced by around 40% which meant the customer had much less to pay.

How Can We Reduce The Cost So Much ?

ICon image 1 300x300 - House Clearance In Astley VillageLancashire House Clearance can reduce the cost substantially as long as there are items in the property that have some value.

Chorley Auction House is our main outlet for house clearance items therefore we have an immediate outlet for many items that others would just dispose of.

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