Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions are all very well and good but it is much easier to just message us and ask us.

House Clearance Frequently Asked Questions | Answering Your Questions

How Does Your Clearance Service Work?

When you contact us we will arrange to visit to quote. We can do an online quote but these are not as accurate as a visit. When we visit we can assess the value in the contents of the house clearance job and reduce the cost of the clearance accordingly.

The contents of the property will be used to pay as much of the cost as possible where there is any value in it.

What Don’t You Clear?

We can clear most things but, there are a few items that we can’t dispose of.

These items are  Chemicals Oils, Petrol, Paints, Bricks, rubble, soil, tiles ceramic sinks, toilets and Asbestos

Most of the above can be taken to your local Household Waste Recycling Centre. Asbestos sheets must be wrapped and your local HWRC will provide you with wrapping materials. The wrapping must be done off the hwrc site.

What Size Are Your Vans?

We use different van sizes depending on the job. Our largest Luton Van is fully sign written so you can be sure we are not trying to hide behind the white van man veil. This makes us fully accountable and highly visible.
We have three sizes of vehicles From standard Transit Van to a  Large 14ft Luton Lowloader

Do You Buy Any Items?

We only buy goods by way of a reduction in the cost of a house or other property clearance by way of a reduction in cost.
We do buy gold and other jewellery at current market prices. Minimum 5 grams of Gold

Are You A Registered Waste Carrier?

Yes. We hold an Upper Tier Waste Carriers License issued by the Environment Agency.
Our License Registration Number can be found on the Environment Agency website by searching Lancashire Clearance Services Ltd.

Do You Recycle Items From A House Clearance?

Yes. We recycle by selling items. This is how we are able to reduce the cost of a house clearance to you. We also donate clothing to charity.
Any items that can not be re-used will be taken to a licensed waste transfer station where it is sorted and separated ready for recycling.

When You Sell Items, Who Get The Money?

We do. This is because unlike others, we reduce the cost of the clearance for any items of value in the property. For example, if the cost of the house clearance is £700.00 and we allow £400.00 for the value of the goods, you will pay just £300.00. This means we have effectively bought the goods from you for £400.00.

Where Does All The Stuff Go To?

We sell items through our local auction house, the items that can not be re-used will be taken to a licensed waste transfer station where it is sorted and separated ready for recycling.

What Areas Do You Cover?

We do House Clearances in Lancashire, Greater Manchester, and Merseyside

What Are Your Working Hours?

Our working hours are extremely flexible and we will work 7 days a week and evenings too. You can call us from up until any night on 07833 448272.

Can You Clean The House Once It Has Been Cleared?

We do not offer cleaning beyond sweeping or vacuuming when we have finished the house clearance.

Do I Need To Be Present At The House Clearance?

No. We are more than happy to collect the keys from you or any agent or neighbours. You can even post keys to us for both quotes and clearances. We will return them via special delivery.
If you hire us we will put a private gallery on our website so you can check the work has been done to your satisfaction.

Do You Disconnect All Appliances?

We do not disconnect any gas appliances or hard-wired electric appliances We will disconnect washing machines and dishwashers ourselves.

Why Should I Choose Lancashire Clearance Services?

We have the fairest approach to house clearances. No upfront payment required and we offer a range of payment options including coming into our office to pay in person.
We are not members of the UK House Clearance Association or AFTA.ORG (Anti Fly Tipping Association) The latter is a bogus site set up to add false credibility to those displaying the logo.

Contact Lancashire Clearance Services Ltd today for a free no-obligation quote.