House Clearance in Bolton.

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To keep down prices for house clearance in Bolton area, households can turn to Lancashire Clearance Services. House Clearance Services offered at affordable prices.  We operate throughout the county and serve all of Greater Manchester and Lancashire.

When booking a house clearance, service Bolton residents often have several reasons for using us.

Some may be moving their family to a new home, others may be grieving the death of a loved one, and face sorting through and disposing of a lifetime’s possessions.

Either of these circumstances can be emotional times, and you need consideration and understanding from everyone involved.

Most House Clearance companies will simply price by the amount and type of stuff to clear then add VAT on top. This means a £500 bill becomes £600 instantly.

Lancashire Clearance Services is a small company and currently we are below the VAT threshold so the price we quote will not have VAT added. When we do need to charge VAT for a house clearance or rubbish removal, we will put it on the quote right away making the price inclusive of VAT so its all visible and no nasty surprises on the invoice.

A Fairer Clearance Service.

When we price up a job, we too look at the amount and types of stuff to clear from a property. Some items carry a surcharge because they are considered hazardous or need to be disposed of in a special way. Some of these items are Fridges, Freezers, Sprung Mattresses, Old CRT Tvs and Monitors and Gas Cylinders. Car tyres and fire extinguishers too carry a surcharge as do some paints and chemicals.

Surcharges are not added to the initial quote because they may not apply. For example if you have a gas cylinder and it is full, we can propably sell it on, so we do not need to pay for its disposal. If a mattress is clean, we can donate it and do not need to pay for its disposal either. The same applies to fridges and freezers.

Once we have worked out the quote by the amount and type of stuff to clear, we look at what value we can allow for the contents of the property. We no longer allow any value for brown furniture, Beds and Sofas. The value in most properties lies in the smaller items. We pay current high street rates for gold and silver and you would be surprised at how little gold can pay the entire cost of a clearance.

Bereavement Clearances in Bolton.

bereavement house clearance

Our team is trained to deal with such occasions in a sensitive, respectful and dignified way.

Friendly and compassionate male and female staff will always be happy to help and always try to make the task as bearable as possible.

Much of the contents in a house clearance will be re-used and recycled in a number of ways. This includes resale and donation where possible. Where we see any value in any contents of a house clearance, we use the value to help pay the cost. This is a much fairer way of doing house clearances.

Bolton solicitors sometimes call us to attend the properties of deceased residents where probate valuations are required or the property needs clearing.  When the value of the contents of the property is more than the cost of the clearance, we pay the balance into the estate.  This makes for fairer house clearance prices.

Gold & Silver

Any Gold or Silver is bought separately by weight at current market prices. When you have any jewellery, please ask us about it, we do pay more than the high street  gold buyers. Therefore it is better to sell to Lancashire Clearance services.

Most high street gold buyers will pay market price less 30% Lancashire House Clearance pay current market price less 10% therefore, it makes sense to sell to us. It is surprising how much a few grams of gold can easily cover the cost of a full house clearance.

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Bolton, Horwich and All areas of Lancashire and Greater Manchester are areas served by our company.

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