House Clearance and Clean

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Cleaned and cleared

House Clearance and Cleaning

Filthy Kitchen CleaningLancashire House Clearance were called in to do a house clearance and cleaning at a flat in Lancashire by a Local Authority.

The property was in a bit of a state including a kitchen sink full of human faeces. Used sanitary towels in the kitchen cupboards and generally a bit of a mess.

Unstanitary ConditionsThis is not the worst we have seen. It was an urgent job, therefore we worked into the evening  and finished the job at 8.45pm.

Obviously the previous resident had some mental health problems. When Lancashire House Clearance encounter these situations, we don’t judge, we just get on with the job. No matter how dirty or disgusting you may find the images, it’s important to realise that any one of us could end up in this sort of situation. Mental health is thankfully more openly discussed these days.

House Clearance And CleanThis job took several hours to complete but our customer was happy. Another property was made ready for a new tenant in need of a home.

If you are a landlord in need of a house clearance service, call us or send us a message on our contact form . We respond really quickly.

Hoarders Clearances

Hoarders Rubbish ClearanceHoarders Clearances are undertaken in Lancashire too. Our team will work with social housing officers, social workers and local authorities to help hoarders deal with their problems.

Often the hoarding and unsanitary condition is dangerous and seriously hazardous to health. The hoarder or person living in filth will not ask for help and sadly the help has to be imposed upon them.

This imposition of a forced clearance can lead to everything being thrown away including genuinely important sentimental items that provide a link to family and friends.

We will do our best to sort through this stuff and help to retain as much as possible.



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