Lancashire House Clearance.

House Clearance Service provided in Lancashire and Greater Manchester.

Full and part house clearances undertaken throughout our service area.

Whether its a House Clearance Leyland or Lytham, we’ve got it covered.

Garage Clearance, sheds, storage units,  offices and other premises are also cleared.

The cost of the clearance is worked out by volume initially.

Any value in the goods in the property is added up and the total deducted from the cost.

This can result in a substantial reduction in the price of a job. Don’t believe The FREE House Clearance con, Its not FREE, It cant be , we are in business. The contents of the property my be able to cover the cost but this is not the same as free.

Some items may carry a surcharge on top of the cost.

old fridge disposal Items such as Fridges and Freezers, Sprung Mattresses, Gas Bottles and Car Tyres are the most common we come across.

The surcharge is not applied to the initial quote because the items may be sellable or re-useable.

Therefore the item could be an asset that we would allow a reduction for, as opposed to a liability we would have to charge extra for.

There are some items we will not clear such as rubble and soil. Also there are some things we cannot remove such as asbestos though we can advise on the cheapest option for you.

These are the most common items with surcharges:-

  • Sprung Mattress
  • Fridge / Freezer
  • Old TV / Monitor
  • Gas Bottle
  • Car Tyre

Items in good condition are treated as assets and the value of the items is taken from the cost of the clearance. This is why we do not add them to the initial quote.

Need a reliable house clearance service? look no further.

House Clearance Blackpool House Clearance Bolton House Clearance Blackburn , Hoarders House Clearance we do them all.


House Clearance Safe Trader Lancashire House Clearance (Under Lancashire Clearance Services Ltd) are keen to promote good customer service.

Fair practice with our services is a must.

This is why we joined¬†Lancashire County Council’s Trading Standards Safe Trader Scheme.

Businesses registered with the scheme have demonstrated their commitment to fair and honest trading practices and delivering good customer service, therefore you can be sure that we are answerable if any problems arise.

Traders agree to work with Trading Standards to resolve problems. Businesses on the scheme are monitored using customer feedback.

We may ask you to complete a feedback form upon completion of your job, either online or on paper.