Free House Clearances ?

You may have seen companies like ours, advertising Free House Clearances.

This is misleading as there is no such thing as FREE HOUSE CLEARANCES.

What they mean is, they will look at the contents of any house clearances and work out if there is any value in the goods that they can offset against the real cost.

Even if you do the clearance yourself it will not be free in terms of time and effort, especially if you have to take time off work to take care of the house clearance !

How To Get Maximum Value for House Clearance Contents.

Fair and Transparant house clearance pricingAssuming you have the time, we would recommend you sell as much as possible privately through Ebay, Facebook Market Place, Gumtree or via car boot sales etc.

This will get you your best prices. If you just want a quick sale of as much as possible at once then you can call any number of used goods buyers including us.

Companies and buyers like us will not pay you as much as a private buyer but can save you a lot of time trying to sell everything individually.

Large Bulky House Clearance Junk.

house clearance vanMost local authorities offer a bulky item collection service. There is a charge and it is usually only for a few items. In Chorley it is 5 items.

If you have more than 5 items it may be worth applying for a permit to go to your local household waste recycling center in a van. Hire a van for around £65.00 and take it to the tip yourself.

Only 1 trip per month is permitted so break down some large items if possible to make best use of the space in the van.

As a house clearance business we cannot go on to the normal household waste centers, we have to go to commercial waste recycling facilities.

You could choose to hire a skip but that would still require a lot of work on your part to get the stuff out of the house and into the skip. Skip hire prices are not much different to house clearance prices. The main selling point of using a house clearance company is, all the work is done for you.

If you choose a house clearance company that allows a reduction for any items of value, you could save time & money.

Contact us for a FREE House Clearance No Obligation Quote & Remember the golden rule, ALWAYS get at least 3 quotes.

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