Do you need a House Clearance?

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Do You Need a House Clearance, Who Should You Use ?

There is a lot to consider when choosing a house clearance company. Price is just one of the things you need to take into account.

You should also ask :-

  1. Is this company legitimate ?
  2. Do the  company hold an upper tier waste carriers licence?
  3. Will the stuff be disposed of properly?
  4. Are they insured in case of any damage to property?
  5. Do they want any up front payment?
  6. Is the payment ” Cash Only”?
  7. Membership of any trusted organisations

Helpful House Clearance Hints

  1. In the case of a sole trader house clearance business, it’s not easy to make this call. So use your judgement when you get a visit to quote. Ask questions about waste carriers registration and insurance. Find out where your stuff goes to.
  2. All House Clearance and Rubbish Removal Companies must be registered with The Environment Agency as Upper Tier waste carriers. Waste Carrier Numbers starts with CBDL and CBDU . Only the Upper Tier CBDU can legally charge to remove your junk. In other words, we would say without hesitation No CBDU, No Job!
  3. Always ask where does your stuff go to? Every house clearance and rubbish removal company should be able to tell you this. If they are a bit vague, beware!
  4. Lancashire House Clearance hold insurance against damage or injury caused during our work. Therefore we believe a responsible business should be but, are unsure if this is a legal requirement.
  5. A deposit or any up-front payment  alarm bells should ring. Do not pay anything up front to anyone. Payment upon completion of a house clearance or rubbish removal is good enough.
  6. If a company insists on cash only, again beware. This is a key sign of a rogue operator. ( Not ALL cash only operators are rogues to be fair).
  7. Look for trust indicators online. Check out the company you are thinking of using. Lancashire County Council Trading Standards run a Safe Trader Scheme. Search their site to find a trustworthy company.

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