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House Clearance in Blackpool

Lancashire House Clearance

Been called in to clear a flat in Blackpool for 8th December 2017.

Keep an eye on our feeds for any items for sale as you never know what you`ll find at a clearance job.

Ninety Nine percent of our house clearance items go into Chorley Auction House for their weekly sale of antique, collectable and general items.

You can get full details of the auctions at the Chorley Auction House website HERE

As I write I can hear the wind and rain and I believe tomorrow is NOT a good day to visit Blackpool. However Lancashire House Clearance are like the Pony Express and we will get through no matter what … well if Im being honest we are more like the Donkey Express and its stubbornness that keeps us going no matter how bad the weather.

Did you ever have one of those days where you feel you achieved something ?

Me neither 🙂

Joke of the day :

What do Donald Trump’s presidency and your advent calendar have in common?

Both their days are numbered.


House Clearance Quotes

How to choose the right House Clearance Company:

There are many house clearance companies on the internet and in your area.

  1.  Plan as far in advance as possible and don`t leave it to the last minute
  2.  Call a minimum of three clearance companies for quotes.
  3.  Check that the company has a physical address you can visit if you need to and that the address is local. Many House Clearance business`s like to give the impression that they are local when they are not. A local business is likely to be easier to hold to account in the event of any problems.
  4.  Make sure the company will visit to quote at a time that is convenient for you.
  5.  If the company wants to quote over the phone only , hang up and try another one.
  6.  Ask the companies how they require payment and when. A reputable company will only require payment once the job is complete.
  7.  Don`t deal with any company that requires any payment up front, No Deposit, No Part Payment.
  8.  Avoid any House Clearance Business that insists on cash only payment.
  9.  Ask if you get any discount or allowance for any saleable items in the property.
  10.  Ask If the value of the goods in the property outweigh the cost of the clearance will you get the difference ?
  11.  Check waste carriers registration and Insurance.

Following these simple steps will help you choose the right House Clearance Company for you and ensure you don`t get ripped off by rogue traders.

There is a website for the Association of UK House Clearance Companies who list reputable companies. Some of them appear to be larger organisations trying to appear local but they have a good and reputable standing with the association.

“There are hundreds of honest, reliable house clearance companies around, just because they are not members of this site does not mean they are a bad house clearance company. Our current members simply wish to show their customers they are a part of an organization that enforces a strict code of practice that puts customer satisfaction first.” Source UK House Clearance Association

Lancashire House ClearanceLancashire House Clearance is not a member of the Association because we don`t feel we need an independent referee in the case of any disputes.

Customer satisfaction is important to us and we feel we are able to resolve any issues ourselves.

Did you know that many companies can buy local phone numbers to make them appear as though they are in your area ?

The use of 0800 numbers disguises the geographic location of business`s too.

If you want a local business, check them out and check out their offices.