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Carry on with the House Clearances

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Carry on with the House Clearances

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House Clearances

We have a lot of House Clearances in Lancashire coming up. Just finished a job in Chorley today. Tomorrow we are quoting for a house clearance in Preston and doing a house clearance in Blackburn.

house clearance done fairlySadly the jobs are bereavement clearances. Lancashire House Clearance dont just chuck everything into a skip. We are literally packing a life away with every bereavement house clearance we do. We try to recycle as much as is possible by way of charitable donation, sale of items and responsible recycling of materials.

Unlike the majority of our competitors we will reduce the cost of a bereavement house clearance where there are any items of value in the property we are clearing.

This can substantially reduce the cost of a house clearance and in some cases we could end up paying you to clear everything.

A common misconception amongst our customers is , if they get rid of the small stuff , the house clearance will cost less.

This is not usually the case. The majority of value in a property lies in the volume of small items. Furniture and appliances do not sell for as much as you would think.

If in doubt call us out .