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Bereavement House Clearance.

Lancashire House Clearance and Rubbish Removal ServicesA Bereavement House Clearance involving the property of a relative or friend can be both physically and emotionally draining, therefore it’s certainly is not a job to do alone.

Some bereavement house clearance jobs need doing quickly. The property has to be handed back to landlords etc.

Because of this we offer a rapid response bereavement house clearance service.

Rent and council tax are usually still be payable on the property therefore it’s best to sort it sooner rather than later.

You don’t even need to be there , we will collect keys from agents or neighbours.

Feel free to call us for some advice, we are always happy to help where we can. So Call Lancashire House Clearance  on 01257 261334 or Text us on 07833 448272

Bereavement House Clearance Services in Lancashire – Call Today

So where do you begin a House Clearance

Assuming you are the executor of the deceased estate or are otherwise responsible.

Start off by sorting through paperwork and documents. Make sure you gather any relevant paperwork you need and keep it safe.

Try to have a trusted friend or relative help you with this task, it really will make it more bearable.

Next you need to stick to what is in the will of the deceased ( if one exists).

This usually has bequests of items to friends and relatives.

As executor it is your job to try and contact the beneficiaries to arrange for them to attend the property to collect their gifts.

What Next ?

What happens next ?. Some people call in the charity shops to come and take what they want or even take small items.

Most house clearance companies will charge you by the amount of stuff you have to clear from the property. Then VAT may be added. They will then sell items from the clearance and effectively get paid twice for the same job !

house clearance loading van

Lancashire House Clearance offer a Fairer Solution.

Pricing is done by volume, this gives us the Maximum Cost.

We then look at anything in the property that we can give a cash value to and deduct the value from the maximum cost.

Example:- The Maximum Cost is £750.00 and The Value of the contents of  the property is £500.00 then you would pay just £250.00

If the value of the goods adds up to £1000.00 then we pay you £250.00.

It’s a simple formula and a fairer way of pricing jobs.

You will always get more money selling items privately therefore we recommend trying that first.

Want to dispose of the “Junk” yourself ?

You can choose to sell anything of value in the property and dispose of the rest yourself.

Lancashire House Clearance will always advise you to sell items privately.

Items are only bought by way of house clearance reduction in cost.

It would be cheaper to hire a large van and apply for a permit to use the household waste recycling centre (HWRC).

Most local authorities will allow you to go once a month.

In order to make the best use of the trip to the tip in a van, you will need to break down things like wardrobes. This will give you more space to use in the van.

Even if you have your own van, you will be limited to one trip per month at the HWRC.

Skip hire is another option though this would be just as costly as using a house clearance company.

Bereavement House Clearances are made much easier if you use a reputable, reliable company.

All we can ask is that you invite us to quote and compare us to other licensed operators.

Everything will be cleared including any junk.

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