Bereavement House Clearance Specialists

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Bereavement House Clearance, Emotional and Physical Stress.

Bereavement House Clearance is difficult for those close to the deceased.

A Bereavement is a sad time for all concerned. The loss of a loved one alone feels unbearable at times. Besides the emotional stress there is the physical side of clearing a property in readiness for sale.

Many clients will start to clear a property themselves before they realise how overwhelming it can be. Some contact local charities, others will hire a skip.

The charity shop option is all very well but they will only take the best items from a house clearance. Doing this will leave you with only the junk. Besides,the reason most people call the charity shop is literally to get rid of stuff,. Finally it`s not because they want to support that particular charity, it just seems a good option at the time. See below how Lancashire House Clearance work.

Skip Hire is convenient as you can take your time but you will still need to fill the skip. If you have a double bed and a three piece suite then that is one skip virtually full therefore you will need to get another and possibly another.

If the property has no drive, you will need a permit to park the skip on the street but, your local skip hire company will advise on this.

Lancashire House Clearance can help make it a little easier.

As a Professional House Clearance business, we have many years of experience. Bereavement House Clearances are the main source of our business. Furthermore we are acutely aware that when we do a bereavement clearance, we are packing a life away for the final time. For that reason , we treat every job as if it was for our own family.
Maintain Dignity

Sometimes the property may be in a “state”. Mattresses may be soiled, furniture dirty etc. In these situations we want to protect the dignity of the deceased. With this in mind we will always cover any such items before carrying out onto the street.
Offset The Cost of a House Clearance

Every property will have good items, re-useable and recyclable stuff. The average house clearance will also have about 1.5 tonnes of junk. While most house clearances will just quote to clear the house by the amount of stuff to clear, we offer a fairer solution.

We work out the cost by the volume of stuff and also the type of stuff in the property. As a result we come up with the maximum price for your house clearance. We then look at anything we can give a value to.

We sell items through our associates Chorley Auction House and donate clothing, food, bedding, pots and pans to charity.

As a result , we can offset some or all of the clearance cost depending on the value in the contents.

Example : The maximum cost of the bereavement house clearance is £750.00, The value of items in the property is £500.00 . We would offset the £500 meaning you would pay £250.00

Using the maximum above, if the value of the contents added up to £1000.00 then the value would be greater than the cost, subsequently we would pay you £250.00

In conclusion we are Truly local, we serve only a small area of 35 miles from Chorley, Lancashire and are a small family business with old fashioned family values.

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