A Great House Clearance FAQ Section #1

House Clearance FAQ.

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A Great House Clearance Faq Section #1 5

House Clearance Faq

  • Q. Do you pay me for a house clearance ?
  • A. There have been occasions where we have paid our customers to clear a property. This is not the norm, we can only pay you when the value of the contents exceeds the cost of the clearance. We would then pay you the difference.
  • Q. How much does a house clearance cost ?
  • A. Every job is different. We reduce the cost of almost every property clearance where we find anything with any value *. Our pricing is based on volume initially. So the amount of stuff is the biggest contributor to cost. This is why we offer a FREE visit to quote.
  • Q. Which items carry a surcharge ?
  • A. Currently, we are charged extra for Mattresses, Fridges / Freezers, CRT Televisions or Monitors, and Gas Bottles. These extra charges are passed on to our customers.
  • Q. Do you require a deposit ?
  • A. No. We strongly advise you to avoid anyone requiring any up front payment whatsoever. Also beware of business’s insisting on cash only transactions.
  • Q. What happens to the stuff you clear?
  • A. Everything we clear from any property is either sold on or recycled. Lancashire House Clearance take zero waste to landfill. We use specialist materials recovery facilities where maximum recycling can be achieved.
  • Q. What if you cause any damage to the property when you are clearing it ?
  • A. As a responsible legitimate business, we are fully insured and any damage caused by our staff would be put right through our insurance. We would assume this would be fairly straightforward but as it has not happened yet we couldn’t be sure. In any case we would put it right and claim on our insurance should any damage occur.
  • Q. How do I know you can legally take my rubbish ?
  • A. All house clearance and rubbish removal companies must be registered waste carriers. There is a public register on The Environment Agency Website where you can check. Our company is Clear This Ltd. You can see our registration on our Environment Agency Page

If you have any other questions that you think should be included in our house clearance faq please contact us and share them so we can help others find the information they need.

Recycling House Clearance Items.

Rubbish RemovalOur commitment to recycling and re-using as much stuff as possible from every job is second to none.

When we do a house clearance, we look at everything that we can possibly re-use and recycle.

Nothing is taken to landfill sites at all. We recycle what we can in-house and the rest is taken to materials recovery facilities. Here the stuff is stripped and separated into it’s component materials which are then sent off for re-manufacture into new items.

Value Reduction House Clearances

A House Clearance* When we reduce the cost by allowing a value for items, we allow between 40 and 60 percent of auction house value. Auction houses typically charge around 22% including VAT . Our values are based on experience and evidence from previous sales.

Our House Clearance FAQ will be updated as more questions are asked so please feel free to ask us anything at all. Any new questions will be added to our house clearance faq is they are relevant. 

Customers often have a very different idea of value and sometimes sentiment plays a part of this. Age does not always mean value.

We are often asked if we allow a value for an item at a house clearance and it sells for more, does the customer get any more money? We have to reply, “If we allow £100 for an item and it sells for £50.00 at auction, can we add £50.00 on to the cost ?” 

Auctions are unpredictable at the best of times. Our values at a house clearance are simply best guesses and we hope to achieve the value.

Thanks for visiting our House Clearance FAQ . We hope it has been helpful. If not , please let us know.