Imagine Living on Takeaway Meals & Never Thowing The Packaging Out.

Hoarded House Clearance.

Lancashire House Clearance have been called in by a landlord to clear a house in Lancashire.

When we visited to price the job, there was no hint at what lay withing the walls of the house.

From the exterior it was a normal terraced property, nothing exceptional or any hint that this was going to be particularly bad.

Upon opening the door it became apparent that something was not quite right.

The first room we saw was the living room.

On the very right of the picture you can see the arm of an armchair poking through the rubbish and towards the top is the 3 seater settee.

We suspect another armchair is hidden beneath this lot somewhere.

The Kitchen

As we approached the kitchen, the smell of the rubbish was much stronger.

Once again the rubbish was piled up several feet.

Food waste, coffee jars ( literally hundreds of them) and in amongst all this are the usualĀ  items.

Cooker, Kettle, Toaster, Microwave, Refrigerator and of course a kitchen sink.

The person who lived like this obviously had some problems.

It saddened us to think that someone lived in this day to day.

A lonely person who had chosen to shut themselves off from the workd outside.

Not even venturing out to the bins, speaking to neighbours or asking for help.

The Bedroom

This is the least cluttered room in the house.

In addition to clearing the property we have been asked to look for personal paperwork, valuables and any legal documents.

Due to searching for these items and the state of the property we have allowed a couple of days to clear this .

The Extra Mile

The landlord has not seen the property, nor any pictures of it. He has only had it described to him.

He asked us clear everything and also asked if we could remove the kitchen and bathroom too. Not something we normally do but in this case, we agreed.

Following this hoarded house clearance we have decided to offer more rubbish removal services including the ripping out and disposal of kitchens and bathrooms.

We believe this will be a great service for other landlords.

After the Hoarders House Clearance

The living room was not only full of all the rubbish you see in the picture above, it also had all the usual furniture and electrical items you would expect in any property.

Three Piece Suite, Coffee Table, Wall Unit, Tv, Stereo System and more.

Of course there was vermin and cockroach infestation too as was only to be expected in these sad circumstances.

Now we have a blank canvas for the landlord to begin again.

hoarded house clearance empty

The kitchen was the worst area in this hoarders house clearance.

Most of the rubbish was food packaging and coffee jars. Rats had obviously had a perfect environment to thrive.

When we got the rubbish out and saw a refrigerator in the corner we new from past experience to tape it shut and not to open the door at all !

We have made that mistake before.

The appliances and all the kitchen units and sink were removed as per our customers instructions.

So there you have it, Lancashire House Clearance can and will tackle any job no matter how bad and smelly it gets. All we want to do is provide good services to our customers at fair prices.

If you require rubbish removal services or just a regular house clearance call us on 07833 448272 or visit our contact page and send us a message.