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What Properties Do We Clear?

house clearance Flat ClearanceLancashire House Clearance will clear any property at all. This means both residential and commercial clearances are undertaken.

High rise flats, Detached Houses, Offices, and Factories are all types of property we will clear junk from.

When we clear a property we try to get the stuff we are clearing to pay as much of the cost as possible. This then reduces the amount you have to pay or, it could even mean we pay you, now that can’t be a bad thing, can it?

Are There Any Hidden Costs?Sell my stuff With House Clearances and Rubbish Removals, there are no hidden costs and we do not add VAT on the quote. However, some items may carry a surcharge due to the way they are disposed of.

Refrigerators, Freezers, Gas Bottles, CRT TVs and Monitors are the most common of these items.

We do not add the surcharge on at the time of quoting because if the items are sellable, we will not need to dispose of them the usual way, Therefore no surcharge would be applicable.

What Won’t You Clear?

Loose Rubble, Soil, Asbestos, Oil, Oil Based Paints, WeedKillers and chemicals are items we cannot take. This is because these items can either damage our vehicles or are hazardous materials.We also cannot transport or remove liquid waste.

Paint Disposal

house clearance paintSome types of paint are considered hazardous waste so they need proper and safe disposal. These types of paint can contain heavy metal (or other harmful ingredients), they can be flammable and are not suitable for reuse after long storage. Also, some water-based paints such as varnishes, stains, sealers, etc. may contain hazardous ingredients such as mercury and so, therefore, are classified as chemical waste.

The use of heavy metals in paint has raised concerns due to their toxicity at high levels of exposure and since they build up in the food chain.

Another harmful material that can be found in paint is lead. Lead is normally added to paint to speed drying, increase durability, retain a fresh appearance, and resist moisture that causes corrosion.

Lead, a poisonous metal, can damage nerve connections (especially in young children) and cause blood and brain disorders. Because of lead’s low reactivity and solubility, lead poisoning usually only occurs in cases when it is dispersed, such as when sanding lead-based paint prior to repainting.

Gas Bottle Disposal.

You can find information on gas cylinder disposal at the British Compressed Gasses Association (Opens in a New Window).